Slave Trade in Caldari State

I’ve noticed that janitors are traded in Jita as if they were slaves. As slavery is prohibited in Caldari State, this should mean something different. Here is an explanation I came up with in my in-character blog post Who Needs a Janitor?

A sell contract for a janitor means a sale of a contract option. A person can sell his commitment to sign a contract for cleaning services on the predefined terms except for the location which is determined solely by the option owner. For the seller it gives a chance to increase his income or, at least, get an advance payment even before the contract has started. For a buyer it means guaranteed workforce at a location of her choosing and fixed cost. At times, like after destruction of Fort Knocks Keepstar in Rage when contract rates in Anoikis are sky-high, exercising such option may even reduce the HR spend.

I wonder if there is another explanation of janitor trade on Caldari markets.

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Capsuleer markets arent bound by baseline regulation. So they really are traded as slaves. Alongside… well actual slaves.

According to this thread even transportation of slaves by capsuleers is prohibited in Gallente and Minmatar space. Also I read a news article which described a situation where transportation of slaves through Caldari space was denied by police because of anti-slavery laws. So on the balance, I find it hard to believe that Caldari State would allow slave trading on its own Navy station by anyone including capsuleers.

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