Small change proposal to Faction Warfare Missions

Currently faction warfare missions are too easy to farm because they are very hard to counter for the defensive side. Therefore I propose the following changes:

  1. Make their expiration timers much shorter, e.g.:
    1.1. level 1: 1 hour till expiration after mission acceptance
    1.2. level 2: 1.5 hours till expiration after mission acceptance
    1.3. level 3: 2 hours till expiration after mission acceptance
    1.4. level 4: 3 hours till expiration after mission acceptance
  2. Once a mission is accepted it immediately shows up with their beacon in its target system.
  3. If on grid with the beacon the remaining time for expiration of the mission should be shown.
  4. In case a mission was accepted but the mission hasn’t been at least entered by the pilot, then the pilot should be penalized for example with LP loss and/or standing loss.

We could just stop the mission rats from attacking friendly militia. I don’t think the expiry timer is going to be an issue and i don’t understand what 4 means.

Instead of missions, i would explore the idea of faction warfare anoms/beacons where both sides have something to do.

They appear in the agency/fw window with a quick description and a countdown prior to spawning so both sides can form a fleet. When they spawn, they last a short while (maybe an hour) and both sides fight over an objective. Capture this, destroy that.

The new ui for the npe and resource wars means that objectives can be easily identified, targeted and their hp tracked by everyone on grid. And objective npc’s could be repped by logi.

I once had a Doom II map and all it had was a hill in the middle and all the power ups were on that hill however from that hill you were 100% exposed to everything. That totally plain map was a favorite where I worked.

We don’t need all those missions, they are bad for FW.

I prefer the posters suggestions to the Original Poster.

First (before any other small thing) change the FW Tiers payout modifiers.

Tier 1: payout 100% (0% bonus)
Tier 2: payout 115% (15% bonus)
Tier 3: payout 125% (25% bonus)
Tier 4: payout 140% (40% bonus)
Tier 5: payout 150% (50% bonus)

Surely this is less than an hours coding as you are just modifying five decimals in the existing code!!? No?

Tbh I’d choose to make them even lower (5% per tier).

The mission rats attack “invaders” of the same faction because the missions were exploited before by players using alts to complete missions that would not be attacked by the NPC spawn.

So I’d agree the current FW missions are just not fit for purpose.

Great idea about a joint anomaly with rival objectives.
Maybe, just maybe, CCP are beginning to realise their is potential in creating some conflict drivers in the FW WZ and maybe just maybe (i’m half kidding) CCP are considering a significant feature development of FW.

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Crafty buggers.


If we can celebrate one thing about Eve Online players above all; it is the lengths they have gone to maximise, exploit, workaround or damnit break what CCP has presented.

This is actually a buff. No good.

Quoting many: “Alts are why we can’t have nice things…”

Alts spoil many things, like bounties, but they also empower a lot of gameplay.

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