Small change to UI to help markets

On the market page have trade hub prices this will not only help players but it will help grow the trade hubs along the silk road and help local markets if you can see you’ll only save 500k by buying it in Jita you might buy locally or use one of the other hubs

Given how easy it is at the moment to check jita prices, this economic migration should have happened already.

The lengthening of the HS route to Jita from Amarr did far more to help than this would, further, Id argue further obfuscation of hub prices would gain a larger net effect.

Why risk making only a little more travelling that far when you can play the local market in Dumptown Region instead? Ronne and Lisudeh have grown in terms of footfall and market, though they are still behind Sasta and Rens as local village markets go.

The silkroad didn’t change anything for the better. Amarr is still not profiting from the distance to Jita (it only got a value increase due to the mineral price explosion), and Dodi, Hek and Rens are falling further behind. Other smaller hubs like Sasiekko got kiled completely thanks to the Trigs.

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I actually think that it would hurt the smaller markets. Jita tends to have the best prices by a wide margin. So pointing out how much better Jita prices are will just incentivize more people to make the trip.

I mean, there’s probably a reason stores don’t advertise their competitors lower prices.

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I heard just this week on TiS that Rens has been growing. Someone’s giving me bad information. I wonder who it is?

I don’t have to wonder. Do you have a link to that TIS? I would really like to listen to the person who sees growth in Rens. :slight_smile:

Red frog stock from Jita to Rens.

Okay, this wasn’t the episode where I heard that, but it’s even better, because this one comes with graph porn. They finally start talking about market hubs at 31:30.

Anyway, the guy got his data from the MER, and concluded that trade has indeed been spreading out from Jita since the fall of Niarja. The following chart shows trade volume in the other reigions as a percentage of jita trade volume. So a value of 10% would mean that Dodixie is doing 10% of the trade of Jita.

So, how does this gel with A4E graphs showing no growth in Rens, or whatnot? Well, I’m not sure, and I don’t intend to do any further research on the topic, but it’s possible that a lot of the growth has been occurring in offshore player structures.

My experiences say they did.

I didnt say it was or should be.

I don’t know where to leave this. So, I’ll leave it here.


I found few wormholes that shorten the route from Jita to Amarr to some 5 jumps, but didnt feel an urge to start traveling there. Its just that Jita is so much better, always was. And the proximity of trigs is so convenient for farming them even daily, even solo.

Trade indeed increased in Heimatar and Metropolis since the second half of 2020 as per MER:

And nowadays you always have to count the offshore location into the mix, for Rens/Heimatar this is Frarn: A4E - Structure history 'Frarn - IChooseYou Market and Industry'

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