Small QOL to show total number of killrights

Hello everyone,

as a person with a -10 security standing here i have lots of killrights against me as can be seen by the small scrollbar highlighted in this screenshot:
Unfortunately in this list you can select everything and then copy it somewhere to count the lines or something, so currently the only way to see how many you have is writing a support ticket or count them by hand (which is more the unpratical for some active criminals).

I’m suggesting that a small counter for active killrights is placed somewhere in this window (possibly even a counter on how many already expired and how many a character had in total)
It would also be nice to be able to copy what is visible in this tab, right now you only get “Kill Rights Against You” which is not really telling anything usefull for anyone.

Further ideas to improve that tab are welcome

fly safe and thanks for your time
~Tester for testing1

PS: This change could be used to award people who have the most active killrights on a specific date and could lead to more activity

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