Small Riddle: "Who am I?"

I wander around
Feeling invisible
Everyone sees me
But nobody knows me

what do you see but not recognize?
They see glass
But I am stone

Should you know me
Please stay silent or
I will no longer be…

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Komi Valentine.

well technically that is correct, but that was not the answer I had in mind :woozy_face:


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give me your best guess :wink:

A Secret.

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wow, that’s a great answer! I think i should improve my riddle-skills…
What do you think about “A Dream” ? :wink:

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Hmm well most dreams are secrets aren’t they?

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Until you tell someone about them =^_^=

I suppose so, but dreams can still be dreams when they aren’t a secret. This was a very good riddle.

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