Small Shield Booster on Breacher

Is there any use for a small shield booster on the Breacher for a tackle frigate in LS? The fast t1 ships (Atron, Slasher, Executioner) are great for tackle, but sometimes you need to be as fast as a frigate, but you don’t need to be that fast. All the active tank fits I saw use a medium booster. If a small shield booster is “too small” for a frigate, I don’t know what this module is even for.

Why would you use a small when a medium ancil plus a small armor repairer in a dual rep Breacher is so much better?

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No ​​​

Well… Actually a medium ancill does sound better and I don’t really see why to not use a duel rep fit as you mentioned since there is clearly enough Power Grid to do what you said

If we look at active armor tanks, the frigates and destroyers can rarely use them due to PG problems. Likewise cruisers often don’t use the large armor repairers. If there was a role bonus of “-70% PG and CPU for armor repairer” on the Omen Navy Issue, I’m sure we’d see some active fit that used the bigger module, but the way the ships are now, they just need to take a step down.

For the small active tank modules, the t1 frigates are likely where they would find a home if they have one just as the small armor repairers find their home in small ships of small gangs. But it seems to me the Breacher would be better off with a medium ancillary booster as you pointed out and if they’re not even good enough for a t1 frigate, I don’t think the small boosters have a PVP use at all.

Correct, for the current meta.

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Small shield boosters are generally pretty crap especially compared to the same meta level armor repairers. Only minor exception is blue small shield boosters but those are mainly used on niche PvE fits.

Most ships can fit 1 size larger shield boosters, something armor ships usually cannot do.

Small shield reps are only really useful on certain PvE fits. Jackdaws come to mind.

Breacher can rock an amazing active tank. Just not with a small repper.

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