Smart bomb graphic question

When i mouse over the smart bomb launcher in my stealth bomber, i can not see the graphic that shows the bomb AoE. All i see is a small red dot, which i assume is the center of mass of the explosion. I am in tactical overlay and have checked all my graphic settings.

What am i doing wrong?

Is the bomb launcher loaded?
Is it loaded with focused void bombs?

The Smartbomb has, depending of the Size a fixed raduis where Damage would be applied.

In a Bomber i guess you have a small Smartbomb so the Damageradius should be 5000m from the Center of you Ship - so the “Red Dot” is the Visualisatiion of the Smartbombs maximal Range.

Perhaps you would like to share a screenshot with us if you mean something else?

He’s talking about a bomb launcher, not a smart bomb.

Or maybe not, I don’t know.



Then @Mortisumbra_Dallocort should tell us which module he is talking about…

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bomb launcher I

a manticore was loaded with a concussion bomb and a nemesis was loaded with a focused void bomb

Screenshots of what you see?

if you look toward the rats just past my 30km range ring marker you can see a faint red dot slightly to the left of that group on my range ring. That red dot appears and disappears when i mouse over my bomb launcher. The large red bubble i am used to seeing does not appear, regardless of what i do.

Thats indicating your range for the bomb. All stealthbombs fly to 30km before detonating.

Focused Void Bombs are similar to regular Void Bombs, but neutralize 15,000 GJ of energy in a much smaller area of effect. They are only effective against capital-sized ships

The large red bubble maybe with smartbombs.

Stealth bombs like concussion, void, focused void fly directly in a straight line 30km before exploding

Have you tried to enable the sensor overlay? It’s disabled in the screenshot.

Logged in and tried that.
No Change.
I wonder if i have something disabled in the client graphics? I tried to change a bunch of those settings from very high to very low, however, it did not affect the issue.

Try switching to a smartbomb and not a stealth bomb

Can he try practicing on sisi? Everyone seems forget that tool?

I guess you missed this one below? :thinking:

You mean the tool we no longer have access to?
SiSi is no more my dude.