Smartbomb Syndicate is looking for more Pirates for Lowsec PVP/Griefing (AU/Latenight US TZ only)

Smartbomb Syndicate is happy to announce that we are in open recruitment for any players interested in low sec griefing and PVP. We do not do any PVE what-so-ever, fullstop.

We are primarily recruiting people who are in the Late US TZ, And the AU/EU TZ, we have no ambitions to go outside of the hours of 0400-2200 EVE time.

We are very laid back and have a great time together, most our fleets consists of gate camps, smart bombs, highsec ganks and minor size roams.

To make Isk we generally do high sec ganks or the loot from our camps usually covers most costs. However we always try fly isk efficient ships, and we try to always stay active when we’re playing.

Our corp is defined by having fun and enjoying each others company while making good kills and laughing about the invasion of oversea pilots in RU/CN timezone. We do not care what our kill board looks like so long as everyone is having a good time.

Our primary Operations:

  • Gate Camps
  • Smart Bombing
  • High Sec Ganks

Level 4 skill train in Thrashers, Small artillery cannons, and Surgical Strike.
Have 2 accounts so you can have eyes in another system.

These are our only requirements really. Being active though is a huge + and if you’re a very active player we are willing to waive the 2 accounts requirement.

Our Kill board:
Our Discord:

Please mail me in game or contact me on discord @Apollexis#0930

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