Smelloscope like on Futurama for detecting Cloaked Ships

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What if it was like a dscan only it was a warmer/colder style of gameplay? Maybe a 1° dscan and there’s a heatmap kind of like from PI…

Based on skills and the smelloscope location you could potentially get a bookmark for an AFK cloaker or any cosmic signature.

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Can I arbitrarily nerf one of your preferred activities in the game to punish AFK cloakers?

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Only if it’s off the funkometer

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Redundant thread.

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Except mine as a solution with compelling skills and possibly structures to build

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And yet… still redundant.

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You’re redundant

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No it’s not.

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I suppose if there’s going to be a way to find cloaked ships, it ought to be hard and take quite some time. I suppose it should take longer than pretty much anything you’d want to do while cloaked. And it’s a d-scan thing, so I guess it wouldn’t give warpable results, so I guess that’s probably okay too. It sounds delightfully useless to me.

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Please keep all discussion of AFK cloaking to the main thread
Main AFK cloaky thread

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