So about those 125mm Autocannon prices

5 million for the meta 4 version? what the heck…all the other autocannons in the same cathegory are way cheaper. is the droprate so low or is the demand so high that people are hoarding it for PvP?

any info on that? just for curiosity…

CCP prepares to change the loot table, so players will not be able to loot meta modules. Just some spare parts to build them later. Alpha clones use meta modules, so someone expects high demand, once the supply from loot will be over. And 125 mm autocannons are special in their low fitting requirments (lowest from all small weapon systems?).

In December, Alpha’s will be able to use T2 small/med guns. Doesn’t take too long to skill up for the small ones, and at 5mil per each, I’d prioritize it, lol. That leaves only the low fitting requirement as a practical concern.

The drop rates would stay the same when building of “meta” modules was introduced. CCP would simply replace the item in the current loot table, with a component needed to build the same item.

At some point further down, perhaps even simultaneously (best) “tier-a-cide” will rebalance these. Meta 4 could become the “compact” version, and the drop rates will be equal between all types, once “Meta”-scaled power levels go away.

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