So he say's "Bring Capitals To High Sec......" We responded

So we responded

Context: the forum posts was amde by one Sabus Narian, he is the CEO of ICANP (Incompetent And Proud). They have a very bad reputation amongst the “newbro” community and are well known for fleecing new players through tax rates and conduit runs.

His post. is about allowing all capital ships into high sec, i.e Titans, supercarrier and the one he actually wants, Rorquals. Since he has never left high sec, nor piloted any of the said ships, he has no idea of the ramifications of such an action would have to high sec, Concord abilities (which he wants as tankable) and of course the hell it would cause to the Mineral market (economy wise) etc.

The video was to explain to him, why this would be a bad idea and to make others who were not “sure” why this is a bad idea. Remember this is a main who incluences thousands of new players into thinking this is a good idea.

Enjoy the video. We have a new mic for PODCASTS


You are the one, who is not getting the point.
You don’t have to explain all this to us understanding people.
You say no and you move on. I’m sorry to inform you about this, but your video is a waste of time.


Thanks for posting? Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

No video or action is a “waste of time” is the person in question does not view it as such i.e “opinion on subject matter”

Again, thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Great podcast. Solid explanation and entertaining to hear.

Do you have any other podcast episodes?

We are working on several atm :slight_smile:

Why would anyone want to listen to this?

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It’s just a podcast about a forum thread. No need to be rude bud. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Simply because your opinion differs, that’s up to you.

No need to be rude :slight_smile:

What’s rude about the question “Why would anyone want to listen to this?”? There’s nothing rude about it, at all. You’re being rude for not answering it, despite it being your podcast. I want to know why anyone would want to listen to this.

Each to their own bud, each to their own

Why is this guy not answering my question?

Because we don’t feel the need to explain ourselves to a troll. We made a podcast, either listen or don’t. That’s up to you.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and anyone can make podcasts.

Each to their own bud, each to their own


I’m not a troll. I want to know why I should spend fifteen minutes listening to you and or anyone else. You made this, but you can’t even answer this one simple ■■■■■■■ question and it’s actually making me angry now, because of you calling me a troll when you are apparently too stupid to comprehend the question.

So, I guess the answer is “There is no reason to listen to it and it does not actually provide anyone with anything” so, okay, that means I’m not going to waste fifteen minutes of my life on someone who does something, yet has absolutely zero idea why anyone would want to listen to it.


I asked a simple question.
He’s too stupid to answer it.
He does not know why anyone would want to listen to it.


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Oh dear. Hello Bullet Bites.

I have zero need to explain myself to you, it’s a podcast, an opinion, either listen to it, or don’t, it’s up to you bud. I don’t need to explain the reasoning behind the video as the title and video desc gives you that in the first place.

Try to refrain from being rude and abusive.

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“I don’t want to waste 15 minutes of my time listening to this.” Yet you’re quite happy to spend the same amount of time arguing about something you refuse to even listen to but claim is a waste of time, yup sounds legit.


I know right. S’okay, Trolls are trolls n always will be trolls, ill just report his post and let ISD handle it, no point rising to it.

I liked it… :man_shrugging:

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This is a very good forumthread. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can I join your podcast.

on what exactly?

Not trying to stir up anything here, but just want to comment. When you want someone to listen to an idea, you should work up an “elevator pitch”. This is a very brief précis outlining in 30 seconds or less (spoken) or a few sentences (written) why someone would want to listen to your concept.

For myself, I would never sit through someone’s 15-minute ramble without having a decent idea what the payoff is. For instance, in your podcast, in the first 30 seconds or so you make it clear that you are taking a post by one of those ‘Naarian’ alts seriously. Boom, I’m done right there.

As the OP says, “it’s an opinion, listen or don’t”. But without a reason to listen attached to this and upcoming podcasts, you’re going to get a lot more "don’t"s than listens.