So here we go again

Let the man named Dick Cracknut speak!

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Happy Cake day!

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Nope, botters screwed it.


Notice they did nothing about plex sales and plex amounts. When you think on this is it really about game play or increasing sales of plex? as for safety is that not a players choice? but ok a more dangerous eve is easy. Allow cap ships in all systems 6 and below. NPC corp wars, the list goes on and on.


I beg to disagree Mr. Falcon more complex? yes! basic respect for the players efforts? no. But thankyou for taking the time to post!

  1. Nobody cares about your reaction to your ‘sword of super-awesomeness’ being nerfed by your GM.

  2. This isnt you and your five gamer friends, it is a game for tens of thousands and you cannot relate a five man game to the outcome in a game of thousands, the outcomes dont even come close, will people quit when certain changes are made, perhaps and even probably but i guarantee i wont log into EVE and find im its sole remaining player.

  3. nerfing and buffing are necessary for a game as the game develops, if this is an issue you cannot live with go play a game with static rules like chess or checkers.

  4. If you cannot find a reason to make a billion a day in nullsec, have hundreds to thousands of players backing you up, regular pvp combat availability and about a 1000 other things that make nullsec an interesting place to play it is because you don’t want to find interesting things, not because they don’t exist.

  5. If some change has you thinking about relocation, then relocate, I did when my nullsec experience changed substantially but i would not go whining that nullsec is dead because i decided to leave.

  6. Even without knowing with absolute certainty, yes CCP watches what impact changes have on the playerbase count.

In Ending, yes a lot of pointless salty tears in your post but none of it justified (no pun intended).


Ok if botters screwed it, then the problem is them and not the active player. So how does nerfing the player stop the botter? or does it just make room for them??

Can you point me exactly the nerfs to players?

Cracknuts I agree with you. In general nurfing is not a good practise for any reason.
I left the game years ago and recently returned to find my mining ships nurfed.
I think it was my mack that was reduced from three mining lasers to two. I took this in stride.
It is bad enough that miners are the target of gankers. And basicly defenceless agenst such attacks.
My recent experance in a wormhole left me wondering why I came back into game and paid to play.
In two waves of what I believe to be a bombing attack I was gone. Implants and all. I bet it was great fun for the attackers, for me it was a devistating loss.

If CCP really wants to draw a greater player base. Try improving marketing by slowly moving toward a player based supply chain. Oh I realize this will possiblely cut into the plex for isk conversions. Ouch, does this mean that less plex will be pruchased? Not at all, isk is convereted into plex to purchase game time. Oviously this is attractive to players new and old alike.
All in all isk is a repersentation of the time and money a player invests in a game. It is human nature to find the quickest route to a end goal. So In a nut shell the question is how to balance the desires of the purduction company with players expations? Company stand is to make money. Player expects quaility game play and a smooth eveolution toward their goals.

Think about how this game works and you will see that the improvement I suggest will be very helpful to future growth.

And what pray has been refreshed?

One thing you dont seem to get or understand is that nerfing something affects players who are enjoying that content. You have developed a reputation of continuously nerfing things and doing so instead of coming up with more creative solutions. Many of your so called new content updates in the last 5 years have just been a long string of nerfs. I respect that some tweaking is involved but you at CCP have generated the wrong attitude regarding the impact nerfs have on your loyal player base.

You seem to be willing to let a large part of your loyal base go into the wind so you can appease your balance metrics. You are turning the game into something that is unfun for a large group of people because you can’t seem to solve problems other than swinging nerf bats all the time.

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I just learned of the nerf’s that are on the way. First of all, CCP gave up Rorq’s to help level the playing field against PVPers. When we used them from POS’s, they gave us a fighting chance to be on the field and mine and make some iskies. Now that all the PVPers are crying about how hard it is to kill a Rorq, CCP is backing down. But that is what happens when the folks elected into the positions they are in are PVPers and mostly Goons. I’ve been playing since 2006 and I’ve seen may changes. CCP nerfs something we as players find a way to make it work, someone cry’s they nerf… “balance” the game. My corp and I enjoy playing where we are as the mechanics are now, “balancing” the rorq’s just makes it more difficult to play and takes some of the fun out of it; for us anyway. While we all bleed EVE, we were half joking about what game to play next. (doubt we would ever quit, but damn YOUR balancing really sucks and is getting old). Leave the carriers/supers and rorq’s alone and let us play your dieing game.


Lets see. shield remote repairing … lowered. Excavator drones increased size so no longer can carry 5. ratting combat sites respawn rates… slowed. So the player has to work longer for the same material and isk. Your statement was botting skewed the markets. so this is how the players are going to take the hits. Also realize that the botting groups and players with cash will just start more omega accounts, buy more skill injectors and negate any desired effect CCP had planed on in just a few weeks. but skill injectors will get more expensive. But hey! those plex sales will spike! Again people think outside the box and will solve new problems.

Absolutely it lost me and a good chunk of the people I played with circa. 2009-2015 as paying customers.

If you can’t keep a game (and meta) fresh without frequently making fundamental and often sweeping changes to established content you aren’t very good at your job.


That’s how had super/hot drops and bubbles suck. It’s just a chore dealing with those things. It even drove nullsecers to become gankers.

Up to now I didn’t know moons were getting mined in highsec. Are there still syphons?

I remember a few years back going on a roam and getting my Loki camped in somewhere deep in nullsec around DJ-GBH I believe - landed on the gate out and it was bubbled to atleast 500km in every direction.

Ended up finding a wormhole 16j out and bringing an alt up in another nullified Loki with stuff to refit for cloaks, etc. and bring both home.

IIRC I even considered whether I could relay use my blackops to jump it out rather than deal with the bubbles :s

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same time they were released in WH they were released in .5 space as well.

Considering that those are what is destroying the game, yea they need nerfed. The Rorq is nothing more than a glorified booster, thats all it should be.
Quit ratting so much in supers and plex wouldn’t be where it is, and CCP wouldn’t have to intervene and nerf the bigger toys.

It is fairly good play as people do fight on them, because you can set the time to suit you. And syphons no longer work, they still exist, but in truth they were useless because of the perfect intel given by the API enabled the moon owner to see that they were being used.

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Yes they can, rorq drone bay increased as well…

No, a player can just look for another system,bots keep on same system from site from site, so yes their income will drop indirectly. I know it is a small blow to them but it’s something