So I can´t center the camera up and down? Multiple monitors problem

(Benito Omaristos) #1

My issue is that I have a dual monitor setup, one on top of the other. The Camera Center scroll is great for adjusting the view left and right… but I don´t have a scroll to center the camera up and down! So my ship is stuck right in the middle of the two screens!

Am I really the only one that has a vertical setup? Since I can´t expect a vertical scroll being implemented anytime soon… Is there some cfg file anywhere to adjust it manually?

(Benito Omaristos) #2

Does NOBODY know a way around this simple issue? Could I edit some cfg files to tweak the camera settings?

(CowRocket Void) #3

Put displays in portrait mode and then center left or right?

In 20 years of nerding I don’t think I’ve ever heard of stacked displays “full screen” for gaming

(Benito Omaristos) #4

So, it is really imposible to center the camera on the vertical axis? I would have guess it would be pretty simple.

(Bladacticus) #5

I don’t have dual monitors, but my preferred screen layout covers a lot of the lower half of the screen and I would also like to move the camera center up. I don’t understand why this isn’t an option, or if it is, why it is not as obvious as the left/right center movement. And not sure why anyone would add a feature to move the camera center only on one axis.

(Aivya) #6

I would also like to move the camera position up and down to put scanner windows and whatnot on the bottom screen and the main game on top.