So I just hit 100million SP the other day

Not that it really means anything at all anymore, with injectors and free SP for logging in (even though I never used an injector - in fact I extracted about 1 million SP out of mining stuff).

This is a major milestone for me that only us bittervets who keep the old ways will really understand.


Yeah that 100m earned SP does feel nice doesn’t it?
I will say, I have also never used an Injector.



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Yeah it really does. I’ve been working towards this goal for almost 10 years, with a few periods of lapsed sub. It’s such an amazing feeling, my character feels so different now. I remember flying around in FW space with only 15 million SP, not being able to fly anything, and having to wait. Now I can fly a few caps (if I wanted to) and am working on V’s in the stuff I regularly use.

It’s such a rewarding experience that the instant-gratification gamers will never understand or be able to appreciate.

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im nearing 260m sp and never used an injector


I’m getting close too, Obligatory welcome to the club, even if im not a member just yet


Congrats! I joined the 200M sp earlier this year and without skill injectors,too. I remember those days where everyone who got to 100M would proudly post on the forums. Now days with skill injectors…sigh.
Humbling to know the max is over 500M sp. Well, at least I’ve done it without any PEDs.:grinning:


Gratz on breaking 100m SP’s.

I have over 200m SP’s and have never used skill injectors either.

Im also needlefree.

Billy’s brain has been heavily extracted, however.

Remember kids, never a user, always a dealer be.


I swore to never buy and or use injectors. Still standing by that. Introducing injectors was arguable the worst decision CCP made the last few years.



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I thought you were me at first.

now imagine old medical clone system, you forgot to update your clone and got podded…


I’ve lost AWU V. Twice.

You obviously are a person with good taste.

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Coocoocachoo. :wink:

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