200m SP

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One of my alts has just reached 200m s/p \0/ (never injected). just wondered how many other characters have 200m + ? what do you guys think? 5000+ character’s ?

(Nasar Vyron) #2

If I had kept a few of my alts active when I took my break they’d be well over 200 like my main. But props to you for keeping them going, I’m sure there are more than a few who have done the same.

I couldn’t even begin to guess at a number.

(StonerPhReaK) #3

I had more than 200m till I extracted all the mining skills I haven’t used in 12 years. To be sure no one got infected with the ‘mines’ I trashed the injectors. Here’s a site with some helpful info.

Note: the list may not be complete.


Looks to be around 2000 players with above 200m. Sounds about right give or take a few hundred.

(clone phenotye female) #4


2016 character with 400+ mill sp’s

ccp, u insult everyone who dedicated real time for their sp acquisition

ccp, i hope to god eve finally dies soon

(Alyssa Serene) #5

No you don’t <3

(bodycollecter) #6

Skill points don’t mean jack. Eve is all about strategy as long as you can work the mechanics and stay on top of changes anyone can be unseated. but to each their own. I hope eve never dies.

(clone phenotye female) #7

your reply has no bearing on anything i posted

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thats a one off, ironbank ran iwantisk, an eve casino, he had trillions and is perma banned now for rmt’ing

(Agondray) #9

that guys banned for rmt anyways but yeah. also im at 210m sp.

(Xtreem) #10

How many active and original (ie not bought from the Bazzar) players with 200+mil SP who have not injected? I’d suspect around 3k active, prob a few k more if you include injected players

I have 250+ and am original/injector free.

(minx trader) #11

same, 200m, original account, never injected, took 11 years to get there, about 6 months in breaks, most time in null sec so no +5’s plugged in

(Kunming) #12

Id say after 100mil SP (probably less) its just a matter of flavor… Besides, this is not like the classical MMO of leveling up, EVE is all about team work, tactics and scheming. Being at the right place at the right time is more important than having more SP than your opponent.

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