So I made a new character. It was eye opening

RvB wants a word.

It’s not about skillpoints, it never has been. Instead it’s about mind set, effort of learning, risk management and overall guidance. The only thing that would happen with your idea is that they’d die in bigger and more expensive ships, it’s the literal opposite of “learn pvp in cheap and cheerful frigs” where they do their preferred type of pve for a few hours that allows them to crash and burn a few ships while learning in the process.

No one who is ACTUALLY NEW is ready for pvp in the first few weeks: they need to learn the basics, they need to figure out what they want from the game which requires them to realise the staggering amount of options that exist. This takes TIME, you can’t fast forward that with actual newbies unless they get mentored on a personal level (which I’ve done quite a lot over the years) but only if they have the right mind set (which most people don’t have, that’s why null blocks are so huge).

Given that you made this terrible thread with its awful premise I can only assume you’ve fed this ■■■■■■■■ to newbies, that is the most angering of all.

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I shot down 10 ships with civilian turrets. I didn’t need ammunition or any skills. I clicked three times and my ship did the rest. Or was it Aura? I like her.
I won three free ships and some antimatter rounds. I’m in business now!


I did the same, and with all the free skill points being given out also I did buy him some alpha injectors , in 5 weeks he was in a battle cruiser taking part in fleets in pvp, ran abyssal sites for isk and did a bit of trade , he now has backup abyssal ships and a pvp bc and cruiser ready for action .

Going to try the events site will need a new ship and fit , with him over the weekend to build up some isk , he stands at about 50 mil isk and all the ships he needs for now.


Perhaps I should have been more precise. New players do not need free skills. Rather, they need these outdated skills pre-trained. Entering the game with a lower or non-existent bar to admission SHOULD be the new normal.

And while I understand you concern about “inflation” I consider it irrelevant. Honestly, who does it hurt to see new players no longer having to train “targeting” or whatever? Seriously what does it matter? If, as many in this thread have said, the REAL barrier is play skill and knowledge, then why pile on further pain? Let them quickly get into actual competitive ships and get to learning!

Do you remember when you could just train Battlecruiser to V. Not each race, but just one. They changed that one, and a bunch more with it. If you were around back then and had those already trained you got many months of training for free. New players? Not so much.

In any case, no one has yet offered any real reason not to do this – other then that they suffered through it and new players should too. That’s not really compelling, unless your goal is to drive new players away.


Why? Why do people like you keep trying to baby new players?

This is silly.

Do you ACTUALLY believe that some new player will have a worse experience if they come into the game knowing how to use a MWD or target past twenty km? Do you think training power grid management is fun?

And in what possible way does it damage your game experience if they don’t have to do that nonsense?

I want to see new players stick around and play the game.


Do you ACTUALLY believe that they will have a worse experience if you don’t coddle them with a bunch of free ice cream cones and sugar treats?

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Because I want them to stick around, and I want to see the game survive another twenty years.

So far no one in this thread has offered any counter argument beyond “It sucked for ME, it should suck for them too.”

That’s a crappy self-refuting argument.


Yes. This is self-evidently correct given that something like 90% or more don’t make it a month. These are CUSTOMERS walking away.

That’s a crappy strawman argument.

There’s no reason new players should be equal to experienced players.

What you are proposing, economic equality for everyone, is precisely what would kill the game. New players need to learn to play and earn their own success, and not just be given handouts at everyone else’s expense.


Don’t you think it is better for new players to use an Afterburner in the first few flight attempts? To actually learn how to get used to basic flight maneuvers like adapting their orbit/range to their weapon/ammo, to learn when using orbits to evade damage and when to keep range for maximizing the own damage? When to set speed manually, when to intentionally turn off the propmod and when to overheat it? What it means to fly transversally or to fight aligned?

I mean, of course you can just give him an MWD on day one and watch him get blown up in 2 shots by someone else because his sigbloom is +500% and he will not hit any shots because he is way too slow in decision making and adapting movement at these speeds. What has he actually achieved by “using a microwarpdrive on day 1”? Sure if you want a stupid fleet drone just give him a standard fit, tell him how to anchor the FC and spam missiles with F1. He will have hell of an experience from lock, fire, lock, fire, lock, fire, lo… up hey why went my screen white and why am I in Pator?

And if its *really *really *really nessessary, HighSpeedManeuvering III is skilled in what? A handful of hours? Come on.


This thread points out that the New Capsuleer can have an easy path or a difficult path but not without blood sweat and tears would a new pilot be receiving decorations when taking some easy path…

Personally I think all Capsuleers should come with the Magic 14 skills already max trained with character creation. That way they can actually play the game right from the start instead of waiting for basic fitting skills to train up.

A brand new character should be able to do a simple basic fit on a T1 Frigate right from the start. The only reason they can’t is because CCP made this game to be a major time sink. No matter what shortcuts CCP may implement, you can be sure of one thing, they won’t ever change that aspect of Eve being a major time sink.

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You waste your time. Trolls don’t care about any CUSTOMERS, all they care about is to sound tough and smart on a forum.
None of those bozos have any good argument against yours, all they’re saying is:
You Alt, You bad, MUh EVE, Me Best. Go Away compelling arguments really :unamused: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Keep seeing this old chestnut come back around.

The “magic 14” are not a prerequisite to having fun in Eve.

Competing against decade-old characters 1v1 is not a prerequisite to having fun in Eve.

All these comments are from the perspective of someone who knows how to fly their ships properly, and how to exploit a lack of agility in an opponent, or whatever. New players don’t know that, and can have fun regardless.

If said new player only enjoys winning, then they will have a rough time in Eve regardless of how many SP they have, as eve is more about dealing with / responding to losses than it is about glorying in your victories.

That is to say nothing of the satisfaction of training into a new fit, or learning about tailoring fits to your skill level (and how the various modules work) that comes with downgrading a tight fit to match your capabilities, or any of the other little moments that come while skilling up your character and yourself.

I miss the days of not knowing so much about how the game works, as the feeling of discovery when new information unlocks understanding was very satisfying for many years.


I’ll sign up for that😀

Never said it was. But having those skills already max trained with Character Creation will definitely make the game much more enjoyable for all players, regardless if they’re new or old…


But having 50M free skillpoints to freely distrubute will definitely make the game much more enjoyable for all players, regardless if they’re new or old…

But having 100B free ISK will definitely make the game much more enjoyable for all players, regardless if they’re new or old…

But having 5000 free PLEX will definitely make the game much more enjoyable for all players, regardless if they’re new or old…

But having all Spaceship Skills V will definitely make the game much more enjoyable for all players, regardless if they’re new or old…

Where does it end? You could simply remove all Skills and Attributes by this argument and let people just fly whatever they want from day one if they can afford it. I somehow doubt that would keep people interested in the game longer than the current state of the game. Because (hint) it’s not the skill-time that holds new players & groups back.


Heh, ironic how people always try to twist everything around…

I’m talking about having just the basic fitting skills trained up with Character Creation, not about having a bunch of SP’s, ISK, PLEX or all Spaceship skills at level 5.

Come on man, be real…

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All new players should start with MAX skill points, infinite isk, a ten year invulnerability timer, bonus newbro wallhacks, a free titan, and instant win feel good participation trophies.