So... New engine sound

The current spat of projectile vomiting in the pod is not appreciated by the maintenance technicians. Stop this assault on the auditory systems of pilots.

On a more serious note, this must be the worst change to EvE audio ever. The level of unpleasantness varies frrom hull to hull, from shattering glass, clanking and worn bearings sounds to downright screeching grinds - reminiscent of fingernails on a blackboard. Make five jumps zoomed in and your mood becomes affected. Make ten jumps and you start swearing loudly, and mistreat your scroll wheel to dampen it down. What’s worse, it affects other noises on grid.

But with all the other out-of-touch plans and ideas that we are witnessing currently, I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s sad that I have come to expect this quality level.


–Gadget is less enthusiastic about the warping noise

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I like the new sounds. You can always turn down “ship ambience” or just…zoom out from your ship.

People who like them can enjoy them, people that don’t can avoid them. Sounds perfectly balanced to me.

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I like the new sounds, It reminds me of my old Ford Anglia van back in 1984 when the exhaust was blowing at the manifold and the engine tappets needed adjusting.

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I like it.

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C’mon guys… it’s not that bad… I mean there are waay too many things “happening” but not much visible, I guess…
I’m sure that eventually there will be something animated for each and every single whateverism that’s been thrown to the sound effects tape reels.

You know, because someone thinks that populating the screen is better for something that escapes my imagination.


Never forget that one guy who said: “less is more”. He was successful, still valid, chic and in the end, everything we want to be.

I love the new sounds, I do wish CCP would redo the rest of the sounds, they seem flat and out of place in comparison to the new ones.



Ah, you must have started after they re dubbed aura

No, sir. Started when the Captain’s Quarters were deployed in their full closety splendor - all four walls, gantry and permaclosed door, back when the icons in the UI still had colors too.
The ‘new’ Aura doesn’t screech or sound broken, just dull and boneless, bereft of personality, a sad imitation of the real Aura who went into hiding in some remote corner of a forgotten server.

It was a safe place for everyone, democratizing the peace of mind and availability of chill across the whole New Eden. A place to wind down, and you can truly rest only when in such a quiet, disconnected place.
Someone could say it was not good as you couldnt invite more people, or go somewhere else, but the glass was half empty, half full in this regard.


Feet on the coffee table, hanging in the sofa, looking at the outstanding bounties of notorious pirates, doing some PI work, admiring that marvelous ship hologram, converting the quarters into a photo studio to take some cool screenshots of characters, watching some of the news on the big screen, relaxing and chatting while the jukebox offered its musical repertoire. And when ready, taking that walk to the ship hangar, and see your ship coming into view. A place to call home, instead of being stuck up in the rafters somewhere, like we are now…

History became legend, legend became myth. And some things that should not have been lost, were forgotten.

Having an animated character, and good sounds and music in the game (to get back on topic), may not be all-important for a game like ours, but it sure helps with the binding.

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Especially in Jita the feeling of everything attacking you visually from every angle is very true. The space seems almost aggresively overwhelming with lights. There is no corner to escape into from it all. You would have to fly out of the station and hide in the corner somewhere outside it, in the dark.

In station as in life and space balance should be achieved, where is light, there should be also darkness, and to achieve that they would have to add different design of a dock, with a smal space for capsule and pilot, where people could feel cozy, more in peace. Like that CQ they removed.

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Eve has sound?


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Fedos are allowed though. :wink:

Ironic how all four races now sound the same when the lore used to state each race had its own engine type. If I remember, Amarrian ships were fusion drives, Caldarian ships were anti-matter drives, Gallentean was ion pulse drives, and Minmatar ships were fuel rocket driven.

But let’s make them all sound the same now! lazy


Current CCP has very few ties with the old CCP and thus the old eve. In simple terms they don’t give a fck while going “ok boomer”.

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I just scroll out so I cant see my ship anymore.
Possibly this was someone’s idea to get us all to do this so it would cut down on server lag?


Yep ,never understood what all that commotion was about at the time, unless the game was in a dire balance issue and ccp spent resources on the development of purely visual stuff. Whatever, that’s behind us.
But there’s also this persistent, little idea in my head that maybe, just maybe…, things like walking in stations actually boost the NPE.

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