So returning old player from 8 years ago... But

… I returned to find my 10-year-old character has lost all progress. Do I have any hope of getting it back if I ask or should I just cope?

did you log into the right character, your sp should still be there. that is unless you got drunk and stripped all his sp to sell and forgot you did it :slight_smile:

Yea it’s the original character for sure… All my assets and skils were rest to a new character…

What do you mean by “lost all progress” ? Have all your SP disappeared or… ?

I’d send a mail to CCP ( or a ticket or both ) and explain the situation in detail.
It’s always worth a shot better than doing nothing.
Just curious but what made you come back after 8 years?

Its kind of a complicated story… was playing hard flying amarr t@ frigates and amarr battleships… but then my marriage started to suffer so gave the game up… then I think about 5 years ago I came back. You know the time when you could walk around in character… I noticed it then but then the same issue happened with the wife so stopped again. Wife recently dies from covid… decided to dive in to drown my sorrows. Yea it’s all gone…

Condolences. I guess that answers my questions.

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well… a year ago my wife passed away from covid… been really messed up the last year. Decided to get back into eve … great distraction… I am an empty-nester now. :frowning:

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Agreed, it’s great distraction for Sci-fi lovers. When I come back from work frustrated, shooting NPCs always makes me feel better, especially after I sell all the loot and salvage.

Look at it positively: now you have no one to forbid you the things that make you feel better. I know it sounds selfish but when my ex dumped me, all my friends were like “Now you’re free!!” And the more I thought about it the better I felt. People come and go, all we can do is make the best of it.

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I would submit a ticket to support. Some skills on older characters have indeed been refunded, but you got unallocated skill points back for those that you can assign to any skill.

Unless someone got access to your account and biomassed your characters it’s extremely unlikely you got ‘reset’. It’s either a case of not the right character, not the right account (you may have logged in to an alt not the main) or something that Support should be helping you with.

Sorry to hear about your loss, this has been a difficult time for many. I hope you find a way to get back on your feet. Gaming is a good distraction to keep from going stir-crazy at times but try also to reach out to other things that broaden your contacts.

file a support ticket.

is it possible account was hacked and someone stripped it of the isk and sp?

my character had a highly developed ability to fall into tragic ambushes… 8 years ago…

You don’t lose SP or “progress”, You might have had some SP given back to you due to skill changes (can’t remember when BC changes happened but should have been around that time) but even if there should be proof of this and you should have assets. So it doesn’t make sense everything is gone.

Looking at your character you also have zero standing and sec status which doesn’t make much sense either if that was an active character. I highly suspect you were using a different account and/or character.

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Did you ever share your account with anyone?

So update… It seems I had more than one account… I totally forgot. CCP helped my fix the problem and recover the ancient account… the account is from 2007 … and was the one I remembered!! 27 million skill points… 1 billion isk and so much equipment spread all over … it will take me days to figure all this out. This character was around during the days of Goonfleet and Bob fighting it out. So nice to have this character back!!!


I know you’re trying to make him feel better, but his wife DIED. Big difference from a breakup…my heart breaks even thinking about losing my wife. I’d rather lose both my hands and never play a game again.


Glad it is sorted. Have fun.

Awesome!! I’m glad CCP was willing to help. All that’s left for me to say is: Enjoy the game!

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My doctor told me that a breakup is similar to a death, especially if the person doesn’t want to see you ever again and that was the case with my ex-husband. He ran off with a bimbo and it felt like he was dead to me.
Sorry for trying to cheer him up.
It seems I can’t say anything right in forums. Maybe foruming isn’t my thing after all.

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No, you were fine and I totally appreciated your comments!


Sweet, glad to hear it! Just remember to ease back into things at first. More than a couple posts have come from folks resurrecting their old account and deciding to fly their multi-billion Golem fit out of Null and through low sec.

You can guess how that turned out.