So screw the solo player is the name of the game now?

you want to mine solo…screw you CCCP will make it harder and longer for you to solo mine
you want to build ships…screw you CCCP will make it more restrictive for you and more expensive for you

you want to stay solo and just have your own game to play?..screw you…CCCP will try to make high sec harder so you are forced to join more large corporations who does tons of PVP or ganking

so screw the solo players??
seriously, making it harder for solos to build ships? CCCP cannot be concerned with things like market value or cost …just restricting certain players…why not just get rid of high sec if the goal is to make everyone pvp ? why pretend?
all you are going to do doing all this is prevent player retention

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Wierd, I dont feel screwed.

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Oh no when they changed industry I did feel savaged. My Fleet Phoon was limping right across the system for at least a week could’nt even dock, I was savaged that hard by CCP. Even had to dodge a CODE fleet scavenging from the remnants that were mining without permits in the system. I limped behind a planet and hid.

You’re next, they heard that. Shoulda kept quiet.
You will be named specifically in the next patch notes as having been nerfed.

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You didn’t hide well enough, I cloaked and camped you the whole time while toasting marshmallows over the fire.

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I was limping and had just been savaged by CCP, cut me some slack man. o7 xD :rofl:

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Calm down miner.

Stop being an antisocial, try collaborating with other people.

Hey, I just watched you, camping is peaceful. If someone had messed with you I would have fed them a bomb and a bunch of torpedos.
Next time I suppose I will have to offer you a marshmello, it’s the neighborly thing to do.


they screw solo players all the time
im glad im soooo good :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m a solo player mostly, but sadly I never get screwed unless I go out and get drunk. I should work on that I suppose.
I know!
I could move to Iceland!

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im a solo player
i got screwed many times
but im open to new experiences if you know what i mean …


I don’t know what to say, the opportunities to get screwed in Eve seem to be many and various CCP seems to have some erroneous visions of what Eve is going to be or has become. Solo players have always struggled, solo meaning one acc with one toon having all the sp that does absolutely everything.

For us, Eve is bloody hard if visit all areas of space. Neutrals are hunted hard in the outer reaches, apart from some parts of provi and some free ports.

Eve is hard, it’s harder still when you play solo.


Ever been to Iceland? I hear the hot springs are nice when it’s -44° f

It’s times like this when I wish that my dear friend Nicky was still alive. :cry:

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Yah, but the sense of accomplishment is a lot higher that way.

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Well crap… I’m sorry, what happened?
I somehow missed what you said there and just kept blathering on…

Nicolai Serkanner.

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