So whats the deal with EWOK-K?

Why are there always gatecampers there? Why do people drive their multibillion ISK ships into it? I’ve lost a couple a frigates and an industrial. But I just saw a TEST guy in a 200m+ Typhoon try and run the bubble and get to the gate, he was bumped out for enough time to finish him.

I’m a dumb newbie, but these guys running into these gatecamps are supposed to be experienced?

Whats this amazing thing that makes people better than me want to go through EWOK-K?

Well with regards to the TEST alliance pilot, it could have been an attempt to PVP. However, that system is a crucial entry point into nullsec from high, similar to HED-GP or Y-MPWL. So, due to it being such a popular system logistically, the SOV holding entities down there will take precautions such as gate camps to avoid reds entering deeper into their space.

Dont know much about Old School living there, but if I were them, I’d be taking the opportunity in that system to catch whoever I can.

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Hahahaha. Those gate camps are run for PvP and because we enjoy it. I can’t speak for all but I don’t think it has any strategic purpose other than to kill things.

EWOK-K is in a main pipe from null-sec to high-sec and is traveled a lot by everyone in the north so its a prime gate camp spot as you can see in Kill board stats

Like EWOK-K :slight_smile: Oldsch00l 4EVEr.

It’s literally named after hairy space midgets. How could you not?

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