So where are the skins?

(Muriel en Daire) #1

Im looking for the Bhaalgorn, Blood Raider Victory Skin.

It’s not on the market. Not in contracts and not in the New Eden store. No mention on how to obtain it.

So why advertise it when you preview ships if you cant produce it?

(Wander Prian) #2

If I remember correctly, that is a alliance tournament price skin. It was only given out in limited numbers to people who took part in AT that year.

The reason why it’s showing, is because the preview will show all skins for that ship.

(Muriel en Daire) #3

Thanks for the info. CCP should make the effort to label such skins so I dont waste my time trying to hunt it down.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #4

you can buy it on the market, there’s a bunch in jita. it’s just called “Blood Raider Victory SKIN (Permanent)” it applies to the cruor, ashimmu, bhaalgorn, and the blood caps.

(Muriel en Daire) #5

HEY!! Thanks, I couldn’t find them before.:star_struck:

Wow!! 4b+ for them

Oh well. :worried: