So You Want To Be An AG? Here's A Starter Guide :D

very much so :smiley:

Because most times the players are quafeheads and not paying attention like they should.

It is obvious ya’ll have never actually hunted players who are actively trying to get away.

Actually pinning down people trying to evade isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Also if they were smart and travel fit their expensive ships, it’d be even harder.

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I love how the gank-haters says that we are multiboxing because we are anti-social, greedy and don’t want to split loot, or just lazy to get a friend.

Yet at the same time they call those gankers who are helping others and just sit idle till the action starts a no-skill, no-effort, lazy and I don’t even remember what else.

Meanwhile, the true anti-socials are the players that just want to be left alone to solo PVE content, without any possibility of interaction with anyone else.

They’re even more anti-social when they come to the forum to complain that someone interacted with them.

The whole position of carebears is arse about.


It just shows how little do they know about the activity they are complaining about.

Remember kids, krabs arent just for Nullmas


Off topic: anyone noticed Cylla’s new alt on the forums? They are starting to break character. See if you can spot them.

On topic: So apparently there are plenty of AGers according to Brisc. How many AGers compared to Gers do you think he considers plenty? Or has he just made an off the cuff comment without considering it?

Yes Aiko fits warp core stabs to her cat to evade our hunting fleets

His dismissing reply on my cheeky suggestion made me think some more, also after watching the meta show last night.

How many players are true hisec gankers ? Brisc may have a point, who knows.

Brisc is a ganker too, I need his corpse to add to my high sec ganker collection :blush:

Was the meta show good, look forward to that later

Well exactly
He loves fostering the isdea he knows i sider info then claiming he doesnt.

Much like when CCP does something unfortunate, he says the CSM has no power, but when something changes for the better, he takes credit.

Yes, it was highly informative because it finally gave room to the other side’s position, how hisec gankers see the game and the impact, and explaining what and why, and putting things into perspective.

If anything it was also an antidote to the toxicity in the many threads about ganking, toxicity from people unwilling to accept the heart of the game and unwilling to make token efforts to avoid getting killed in space, unwilling to acknowledge this is a multiplayer full-on pvp game anywhere on the map.

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I think he would welcome the challenge to pod him, live stream it and not call it stream sniping afterwards. That’s the whole difference :smiley:

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Maybe we need a large high sec alliance that offers protection from gankers and null blocks, make solo play unattractive or group play more attractive.

A simple scout alt does miracles against ganking, so do minor fit adjustments.

The rules of engagement are not in favor of anti-ganking. There’s a few things that could be done, like making the killright public automatically if the owner doesn’t “accept” it (they could even turn it into a better isk sink).

Alliances who succeed to establish themselves tend to evolve into lowsec/nullsec/w-space groups, for good reason: hisec is dull once you get the basics. The issue is also that many new players are reluctant to join, and for a variety of reasons, good and bad.

But, why would hisec need protection from null blocks ?? As far as I know, null blocks do not interfere with hisec at all, not via combat.

Lol really, the list is endless and somewhere at the top is the TTT

The TTT is a financial consortium between a few of the major null block coalitions. I don’t see the relation with ganking ? True, if they see someone else encroaching on “their” neck of the woods, they will first check, then strike. But that is the powergame, the politics of New Eden.

And of course the game should always allow for an extension of any conflict elsewhere into hisec e.g., to attack important shipments of valuable goods, or to disrupt finances - if possible. But even that incidence doesn’t seem to be “off the charts” ?

Compared to what, a null sec F1 Monkey?

You do have an odd fetish

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Hey, to each his/her own. If Githany wants to collect corpses, it’s more meaningful than ISK :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if she has Aiko’s. If so, Githany has been a bad girl.