Anti-Gank (AG) Methods:

What means do Anti-Gank (AG) have to intervene in or prevent ganks?

  1. What is the viability of the following escort types?
    –Bump the bumper
    —What intermix?

  2. Seeing as the entire gank fleet (except for those assigned to grab loot and scan scouts) will nonetheless be wrecked by CONCORD, what should be/is the rational cost/participant base for a 3rd player party base to intervene in/preventing the success of a gank effort?

  1. Don’t undock.
  2. Play in areas where they don’t call killing ganking, for example any non hi-sec.

scouting the route would be the single most effective thing you can do.


Any competent suicide gank crew will succeed, there is nothing you can do about it.

  • -logi … they will alpha right past it
  • -ecm … is not consistent enough
  • -boost … they will do the math and bring enough to ignore it
  • -web … hoping to get to warp? they will have bumpers
  • -bump the bumper … they will have one to bump the bumper off the bumper

It is unfortunately that the Eve mechanics do not provide for effective escort ships.


Scouting is a universal aspect to EVE, not specific to this topic.
I dont agree it is the “most effective thing” AG can do.
If it is the “most effective thing” AG can do, then the situation is dire.

However you did remind me to append:
-A) The impetus of education on safe flying.
-B) Introducing a list of know gankers for players to set to red.

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If this is indeed the case, then that is bad.
Players should have more capacity to prevent or intervene in a gank, than CONCORD.

We want player engagements in PvP, not PvE.


Split your cargo
Use smaller faster stealthier ships
Use non Corp tagged alts
Use routes lesser travelled
Deploy a decoy fleet
Put things in containers. Lots of containers all unnamed
Use dscan and local
Listen in to chat channels that may provide intel
Disperse false information
Dont draw attention
Dont speak in local
Dont use Jita
Use friendly WHs
Tank in the most appropriate way for the ship
Remember max profit = max risk so dont go overboard on the cargo expanders, or dont use them at all


Those apply to the gank target.
Not AG means of action in the case of , or prevention of, a gank.

Those are two distinct things.

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Im sorry that you cant see how AG can provide most if not all these means for their clients.

Any competent suicide gank crew will be targeting the cargo expanded loot pinata with AP at the wheel.

While you’re correct in that logi can be beaten, that is true for any PvP encounter.

n+1 is a universal element of the game, as are force multipliers; everything has a counter, the gankers know what the counters are and will happily tell you what they are, and how to apply them if asked, if only people were prepared to listen and become better players because of it.


AG cant change how people fit or fly, nor is that of relevance here.

This is not about the efficacy of gankers on targets, but of AGs means to intervene/prevent that action occurring.

They are two distinct things.

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Then I ask them now, here, to answer OP and tell us how AG can prevent/interfere in gank actions in favor of the gank target.

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After Chan’aar listed counters to AG methods, wasn’t the thread over?

Prevention is exactly what the means I listed were about.

Prevention is far better in terms of cost and effectiveness than reacting to a gank in progress.

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How can AG prevent ganks then?

PS: Before you reply “education”, note that AG wont be preventing ganks then, just providing info for how OTHERS can prevent ganks with their own choices.

Again, two different things.

As is clear in OP, how can AG, itself, intervene in or prevent ganks with its own ingame action?

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All of the above have been known to work. Some are more difficult to pull off effectively, in particular webbing (being good timing, it’s far more effective prior to being bumped) and bumping the bumper, which takes practice.

Fixing the bounty system would be a good start, perhaps taking the targets sec status into account when calculating bounty payout, the lower it is, the more you get. It’s not easy to balance against abuse though.

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Isnt it?

If antiga offered a secure hauling service or the advice as to how to do it, dont you think that would have a larger effect on the success of ganks?

Red Frog have few problems in this regard.

And should antiga be expected to put their material at risk for a badly piloted or fit ship?

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Explain please.

I dont see how “fixing bounties” would achieve AG capacity to intervene/prevent ganks as a 3rd party.

I also dont see how bounties could be “fixed” in your post, as one of the longest lasting and most unfixable elements in this games history.

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So you are saying that its not prevention until… when?

The first shots are fired?

You prevent fires by having systems in place. Those systems are provided by third parties and the fire service. The fire service prevents more fires by education and supporting protocols than it does by putting out fires.

Fire fighting is not fire prevention, therefore by the same logic countetganking is not gank prevention.


Read my post again.
It says exactly what it says.

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