So you want to roleplay a Minmatar?

What corps or alliances were they? I might be able to make a few suggestions. Electus Matari has some very good corps, as does Ushra’Khan, both being minmatar based RP alliances @Gretek_Moergyn

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I am immediately worried this was me and I have somehow missed your message. :smiley: (If so it was certainly not intentional.)

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I will have to search my Eve mails and see. This was a while back. I’m pretty sure it was with this character, which is an alpha character. Right now I am not able to access my alpha account, just my subscription account. I believe I wrote to two characters using Eve mail, one male and one female.

I spent a lot of time searching for a good corp because of bad experiences in-game with immature people. Then I spent a lot of time reading in this section about roleplaying, because I thought that would be a great and very rewarding direction to go in.

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I looked through my Eve mails for my 2 Minmatar characters but could not find anything related to my search for a roleplaying corp. Perhaps mails are deleted after a while. This was a while ago. Several years.

Oh well. Maybe the time is past for that sort of thing. I just play the game that is in front of me. My main character is in a nice corp with mostly mature adults, so I won’t be leaving anytime soon. This particular character, Gretek Moergyn, is in a corp I formed with another of my characters specifically to get out of the cesspool of d00d types that populate NPC corps. Corp chat for Fractal Holdings Ltd is rather quiet, as you can imagine, since the only members are 2 characters of mine.

Maybe if I feel like expending the mental energy required for RP I will have Gretek Moergyn apply again to a RP corp.

The moral here, if there is any, is please read your Eve mails and at least respond with a “thanks but no thanks” to people who want to apply for membership. Who knows? You might meet someone who appreciates the game the way you do and will enrich the RP environment.

Does Minmatar RP lore include the possibility of alliances with corps run by Caldari?

You can join RP without leaving your current corporation, too! Please refer to So you want to get into roleplay? for some ideas on how to find RP.

Caldari mercenaries and Caldari expats tend to be everywhere, and also in Minmatar RP organizations. Whether a corporation ran by a Caldari would be a good fit for a Minmatar alliance depends on things other than the ethnicity of the CEO, I think.

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And here is @Ferra_Orta with a map of Matar, based on the lore article on the planet, as well as other tidbits of lore: Inkarnate - Matar


Nice Post, really interesting

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We need a Netflix show of this.

There’s apparently actually been an EVE TV show in the works since 2013 and possibly still is… CCP Hellmar mentioned that in some recent interview (which I cannot find right now but can dig up later).

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Added a link to the new lore on the Minmatar Rebellion and removed a paragraph which said that the Minmatar lore page is outdated, since it was updated and is now fine.

Karin Midular and Karishal Muritor statues have LONG descriptions with Minmatar Republic history. I am going to duplicate them here and link from the main text, because they are the best reading we have on the topic.

Karin Midular

Born into slavery yet marked for greatness, Karin Midular, the Ray of Matar, lived and died as a symbol for all Minmatar of their culture, history and place in the universe as a people.

Karin Midular was born to parents living in slavery under the Amarr but was smuggled as a baby out of the Amarr Empire, to be raised by the Sebiestor Tribe she was identified as belonging to. Unable to escape themselves, Karin’s parents had not known their clans and no records provided a clue on Matar. Nevertheless, Karin was raised on the steppes of the Mikramurka, heartland of the Sebiestor, in the city of Mithuris. It was when Karin came of age that her destiny became clear as more than merely a liberated orphan.

As with most youth of the Mikramurka clans, Karin took part in a Voluval Ritual close by the Crystal Steppe. It was at this rite that she received the rare, venerated “Ray of Matar” mark, made doubly auspicious by its location under her left eye. Following this event, Karin joined the Midular Clan out of respect for Vormar Midular, her essence instructor.

Eventually, a career in politics beckoned, with Karin Midular convinced that lasting interstellar peace was essential to the future of the Minmatar. She began by campaigning for an end to the Vindication Wars with the Ammatar Mandate but found herself stymied by entrenched political positions in the Republic Parliament. Midular then set out to assemble a political bloc around her and by YC97 had become Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe, having gained the near unanimous support of the federated clans of the huge tribe.

Her status as a Tribal Chief provided a large platform from which to run for office as Prime Minister of the Republic. Though she did not win office immediately, the growing appetite for peace after the long years of the Vindication Wars peaked during the brutal Battle of Tears in YC102. In the election that year Karin Midular was elected Prime Minister by a landslide, with even many of the militant Brutor and Krusual sickened by the bloodshed.

Her first act as Prime Minister was to announce an end to hostilities with the Ammatar Mandate, and her first years saw her as a wildly popular and successful leader of a Republic focused on trade, diplomacy and rebuilding after long years of conflict. For all her political acumen and technical insight, however, even Karin Midular did not foresee the extent to which the licensing of independent capsuleers in YC105 would shake New Eden.

By YC106, Midular felt secure enough to confront the still powerful militarist elements in Minmatar society and moved to ban the wearing or display of the Khumaak ceremonial weapon, or symbols depicting it, by government officials or members of the armed forces. The proposals elicited a harsh counter-reaction from the Krusual Tribe’s leadership and considerable protest among the people. The Republic Security Services were moved to intervene in the security of tribal gathering halls, an ambiguous move by a powerful force often at odds with Midular.

An even more powerful political player moved into the spotlight at this time as Maleatu Shakor took the opportunity to establish his trademark belligerance in the popular mind. While a compromise was eventually brokered, the Khumaak episode was a political disaster that began a slow decline in the fortunes of Prime Minister Midular. The economy of the Republic began to falter in YC107, with many Minmatar increasingly emigrating to the Gallente Federation. Worse yet was the mutiny and rebellion of the Defiants, led by Captain Karishal Muritor in YC108.

Backed by increasingly powerful Minmatar capsuleers, Muritor was a hero to many when he was killed in YC109 during an abortive truce meeting with Republic Fleet forces. The revelation that Midular had given the order to stop him by any means was another political catastrophe and militant Minmatar capsuleers were in the forefront of campaigning for her downfall from that time on. The news that Midular was in secret negotiations with the Ammatar Mandate was leaked at the worst possible time, and a wave of terrorist attacks threatened to destabilize the Republic.

The final days of the Midular government in YC110 were marked by the shocking secession of Skarkon system under the apparently popular rule of the Angel Cartel. In the midst of attempts to resolve this crisis, the news that survivors of the Starkmanir Tribe had been found in the Ammatar Mandate broke. Worse yet was a motion of no confidence proposed by Maleatu Shakor. The final blow was news of a Minmatar-Thukker fleet headed by Keitan Yun threatening CONCORD.

Parliament descended into chaos as Midular attempted to call for new elections. In an apparent coup attempt, Midular herself was almost assassinated by Amarr agents, saved only by the actions of a clandestine force that had begun eliminating Amarr infiltrators and Minmatar collaborators. The government of Karin Midular collapsed as a counter-coup launched by Keitan Yun and Maleatu Shakor ushered in emergency rule by a temporary military junta.

Despite events, Karin Midular was still Sebiestor Chief and the Ray of Matar, and in her post-government years regained a significant degree of political influence as a counter-balance to the militarist factions and security forces. The new Tribal Republic created by Prime Minister and then Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor was not to her taste but the Ray worked tirelessly to bring out the constructive and creative virtues of Minmatar culture. Ever a believer in diplomacy, Chief Midular often visited other nations of New Eden in her neverending search for lasting peace.

It was on one such trip in YC115 that Karin Midular was to meet her fate. A lone gunman detonated explosives and opened fire at a Federal Tribes cultural event attended by Midular in Caille on Gallente Prime. Among the 58 dead and 304 wounded was Karin Midular. Gravely wounded, Midular was transferred to the Republic for treatment but could not be saved. Apparently eschewing a clone backup for personal reasons, Karin Midular, the last living Ray of Matar, died on YC115.03.07. In accordance with Sebiestor tradition, Chief Karin Midular’s body was returned to the Mikramurka in a sky burial at the Place of Silence outside Mithuris.

The life of Karin Midular leaves a lasting legacy of principle and courage on behalf of the Minmatar people. She faced fate and the future as a Ray of Matar should and we all may learn from her example. This memorial is established by order of the Tribal Council of Matar, YC123.

Karishal Muritor

Although officially considered a hero by today’s Tribal Republic, Captain Karishal Muritor was condemned as a mutineer and rebel by the Parliamentary Republic that constituted the old government of the Minmatar. Muritor’s rebellion and formation of the Defiants was to set him on a path to his death at the hands of a Minmatar Republic fleet, followed by his elevation as a symbol for Minmatar freedom fighters everywhere. Since the establishment of a Tribal Republic by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor, the memory of Muritor has been completely rehabilitated. His acts of mutiny and rebellion are considered totally justified in light of the infiltration of the Parliamentary Republic by Amarr agents, and the events of the Starkmanir rediscovery and Minmatar Invasion of the Amarr Empire.

In mid YC108, the Defiants were founded by Captain Karishal Muritor following a mutiny he led against the Republic Fleet, stealing several capital ships and their support fleet from their moorings. Having grown tired and disillusioned with the leadership of the Republic Fleet, its admiralty subordinate to a government he considered passive and too ready to appease the Amarr, Muritor had decided to take matters into his own hands. He gathered a cadre of like-minded officers and enlisted personnel around him and carried out a stunning coup, stealing a Hel -class supercarrier and a pair of Nidhoggur -class carriers.

Muritor had been finally spurred to action by the threat he saw from a resurgent Amarr military in the Bleak Lands region, following their comprehensive victory over the Blood Raiders and stationing of large naval forces in a border region now fully under Amarr control. His Defiants group used their stolen ships and considerable skills to launch a campaign against the Amarr in the Bleaks that would be condemned by both Empire and Republic as “terrorism”. By the end of YC108, the Defiants had sown chaos across Amarr holdings throughout the region, destroying infrastructure and liberating slaves. The climax came with an all out attack on an Amarr battlestation in which the Defiants were joined by capsuleer freedom fighters.

The Amarr Empire chose to blame the Minmatar Republic for the activities of the Defiants, suggesting dire consequences if the rebels were not stopped. While the Republic dismissed the Amarr accusations, the wish to maintain the peace won out over all other considerations. A Republic Fleet taskforce was assembled on the orders of Prime Minister Karin Midular, while Admiral Kanth Filmir extended an offer of truce to Muritor in early YC109. Accepting the offer, Captain Muritor met with Admiral Filmir in Auga system, in orbit of the tenth planet on the first day of February. Despite the urgings of Filmir, Muritor refused to give himself up, prompting the Republic Fleet Admiral to order in his taskforce.

As the Defiants and capsuleer allies fought against Republic Fleet ships, Muritor declared he would not have Minmatar fight one another. Moments later his ship and capsule were destroyed amidst a hail of fire. The Republic Fleet withdrew while the Defiants scattered and Muritor’s body was retrieved by capsuleers of the Ushra’Khan freedom fighter alliance. It was later confirmed that the order to stop Muritor by any means had been issued by Prime Minister Midular, causing a storm of protest that culminated in the resignation of Admiral Filmir and a considerable loss of authority for the Midular government.

Ultimately, Captain Karishal Muritor has come to be seen within the Minmatar Republic as farsighted in his recognition of the reality that compromise with the Amarr Empire’s expansionist ambitions is a trap the Minmatar cannot afford to fall into. His actions may be seen as precipitate and rash by some but his cause is one the majority of Minmatar recognise as just.

This memorial to the life of Captain Karishal Muritor is established by order of the Chief and Elders of the Brutor Tribe, YC123


Is there any reference to financial institutions on Minmatar Republic? Gallente, Caldari, Amarr and Intaki have it, or are those questions handled by the tribal treasury or directly by SCC?

Intaki Bank
Luminaire Bank, Garoun Inv Bank, Pend Insurance, Bloemfort and Gallio (21.09.2008)
State and Region Bank, Modern Finances, Caldari Funds Unlimited, Smart Kredit Share Banking (10.04.2008)
Samarkand Financial (28.03.2010), SarumGlobal (8.03.2009), Tash-Murkon Investment Bank (18.09.2019)

From the latest world news we have:

Kimotoro Stock Exchange Suspends Trading as Banks Freeze Accounts on News of SCC Security Breaches

*Federal Stock Exchange, Tribal Securities Exchange, and Imperial Trade Registry Also Closed

Brutor Treasury is an NPC corp that exists and holds spacestations. Presumably in-universe the other tribes would have their own equivalent institutions.

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There are no tribal treasury NPC corporations in game, but there are seven treasury stations in the Republic
I don’t know what’s to be intuited from the Vherokior having more in game presence on the economic front, I think I recall a cultural emphasis on trading; the Republic Parliament ones seem pretty well in keeping with its role though.


Added link to the updated lore page and the intro video from Liberation Games, removed a claim that the lore page is out of date. (Thank you again @CCP_Delegate_Zero <3.)


I take pride in my -4.37 and rpughly the same standings with minmatar and gallente.

This FAQ is now almost obsolete, with the launch of CCP’s new EVE UNIVERSE portal. EVE Source material has been incorporated to lore pages there, see for example:


Thanks a lot for this thread - the links provided here answered a lot of my qustions, while of course giving me even more as well as giving some ideas.
Here are some topics I’d appreciate to be enlightened about.

I didn’t manage to find many details about early education in minmatar culture. Do minmatar children attend schools in a way we perceive them? Or is the education handled by the tribe/clan? Or is it somewhat of a mix of both? And how much intersection is there between the infants of various tribes and clans?

It can be easily perceived that the Brutor are generally of african looks (same can be said of Starkmanir, I presume, since they’re blood-related), Sebiestor are somewhat nordic and the Vherokhior resemble eskimo or native siberians most. What do members of Thukker Tribe generally look like? I’ve noticed their chief’s in-game character uses a Brutor model, the head of Thukker Mix - a Sebiestor one and the agents of the related corps are about 2 to 3 mix of the two. Or are the ties between racial features and tribal affiliation looser than I assume?

I noticed most characters’ last names are their clan names. What about family names? Does that concept exist in Minmatar culture at all? Do the families unrelated by blood use the same clan name? Or is the family name gets changed to a clan name after coming of age?

Each tribe are essentially a mix of different earth cultures. Brutor for example are a large amalgamation of Various African, Polynesian/Pacific Islander, and MezoAmerican aesthetics. However culturally they actually have alot of roots in Nordic traditions. For example, The Brutor believe in what is basically Valhalla.

Basically your question regarding aesthetics can’t really be boiled down to simple analogies.

Yea, I noticed a long time ago that cultaral anologies are not the same as aesthetic ones. The point of this question - I’m just trying to figure out how a Thukker might look aside from unlikelyhood of tattoos since their ingame depiction are a bit vague on that