Social Infrastructure>Become a combat engineer

(Combat engineers supervise, or serve, as a member of a team, squad, section, or platoon. They are engaged in providing mobility, counter-mobility and survivability support to combat forces.)

We are part of a medium-sized alliance big enough to hold our own in our area. But small enough we’re like an episode of cheers, everyone knows your name.

So bring your venture, hulk, or your favorite rating ship and make sure you have that combat on standby.

If you’re not in all that industry stuff no worries first and foremost we are a PVP focused alliance. Doesn’t matter how profitable your villages if you can’t keep the barbarians from burning it down. The Roman army was derived from a militia of mainly farmers.

What we can offer
-lots of pvp fleets
-SRP on alliance fleets
-JF shipping to and from jita
-lots of $$$ moons
-Good locale market

-5 million skill points

In game channel: Si WTJ

Very fun and laid back group of us ! come check us out!