Socket Closures

(Sepheir Sepheron) #1

Is anyone else getting a lot of socket closures today? I’ve gotten like five in the past 30 minutes, most of them during jumps but one time just now in the middle of an encounter. Since before this week I have had maybe two or three a YEAR. What gives?

(Giddy McFee) #2

getting socket closures again, just after I get a message saying the chat server is down. !: are we getting issues with the chat server again and 2: all those times when we were told it was our ISPs fault and now it seems suspicious that the chat server is dropping and i get a socket closure

(Astrals Child) #3

There is only one known way to solve this problem at all.
To set VPN on you PC.
It makes slower but more stabilized connection. Also helps with chat server connection problem.

Second way - is to install on you PC direct gameserver connection software.
Some sort of gaming vpn.
But there is one lil problem - it makes fast and stable connection to gameserver only.

(dark fellor) #4

same here