SOCT ships and beam weapons

SOCT lack sufficient power grid for meaningful use of beam weapons, and to a lesser degree, projectile weapons. There exist modules to add CPU and powergrid, but how about one that takes away 200 cpu units and grants, say, 1000 power units? Maybe one per vessel to prevent ultra weird fits? Or there could be laser and projectile modules that would rebalance the ship to use those weapons at a cost of CPU?

As it stands, the vessels cut out Minmatar and Amarr newbros.

The rebalance modules would (again, to prevent ultraweird fits) lock the turret slots to energy or projectile weapons and disable their use as missile slots.

Race means nothing in terms of ship use. Any race can use any ship.

Looking at the roles for several amarr and min ships, they either are bonused for energy turrets or large projectile turrets…same as SoCT, so if someone were to RP as amarr or min and stick with their weapon types, SOCT allows it

The SoCT are designed to be ships that are well rounded for any weapon system. Hell if someone wants to mix both ammo types on a praxis, why stop em from being able to do it.

Ships have options for either, or, both ammo types. Taking those options away doesnt help.

SOCT ships need to be removed from the game or limited to truly new chars//low SP chars, not made even more viable.

SOCT ships deserve nothing but having all their bonuses removed and their base stats nerfed.

They’re newb ships anyone can fly without skills, they shouldn’t be as good as they are, if you want a destroyer thats good with lasers, fly a coercer, if you want a battlecruiser with lasers fly a harbringer.

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