SoE and Media Manipulation

In the last Scope’s article we do not learn anything new on the Triglavian Ship, we have a confirmation that CONCORD is pushing to maintain order.

And then we learn that the SoE’s of the Pharos of Thera are accusing Captain Oveg Drust to be part of some kind of secret society…

Let me rephrase it, the PHAROS OF THERA, a previously secret branch of the SOE, a cluster wide shadowy organisation, with not even the excuse of being a government, the very same organization related to a secret and illegal research facility on hacking neural implants. are accusing a CONCORD representative of being part of a conspiracy involving two of the most important gears of CONCORD…

Am I the only one to think that is blatant media manipulation?


Is the Scope ever not manipulation?


oh it is in the fact that they choose how to present the information, nontheless they present generally TRUE
and verifiable information…

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All the best lies are built on the truth.


apart from delivering vague and general popular saying, have you anything to say on the subject?

I’m well open for debate, but for a debate to take place, it need proper argumentation.

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What’s there to debate? The Scope uses accurate information with a selective presentation to deliver a biased and leading narrative in order to manipulate popular opinion. It always has. Is this the first time you’ve noticed it?


no, but I’m not talking about that…
I’m talking about the manipulation BY the SoE.

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Maybe State-and-associated nationals tend to have a more cynical view of stuff but: of course it’s media manipulation. So’s pretty much any kind of communication to the media.

If you have a problem with a secret society, how do you hurt it? Well, for starters, you drag it into public view. Secret societies start off on the wrong foot when they get exposed, because of course the first question everyone’s going to have at the back of their mind is, “Why keep this secret?” Quickly followed by, “What else are you hiding?”

(It’s normally good for your credibility to make at least the accusation that it exists stick, though. That’s the risk the SoE is taking-- whether they’ll be believed, and whether they’ll be believed about other stuff in future if they end up looking like they’re lying.)

If you want to keep a secret, whisper it down your garbage reprocessing shaft (but check the maintenance schedule and shine a flashlight first). If you want to un-keep a secret, tell it to the media-- if it’s worth telling.

As an aside, the SoE has a certain degree of sovereignty (in Thera, notably) and does piles of humanitarian work. If they have some dark secrets here and there … well, seemingly so does everyone.

Probably CONCORD has some kind of failsafe that’ll neutralize us if/when we outlive our usefulness. (The next one darker would be having no such failsafe and no way to shut us down if we figure out a bypass that’ll let us do stuff like lock titan superweapons onto planetary surfaces.) I’d be a little surprised if they didn’t have a few dozen or even hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of other things (a little might depend how you count) they didn’t want known.

I don’t really see one as more credible than the other, necessarily.

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Keep in mind, that Scope is gallente media - and with this I wouldn’t recommend believing a single word they say.

This is one of the most accurate representations of gallente media. Biased and leading narrative. They want to brainwash listeners with gallente point of view and worldview.

Believe in what you see yourself, not what you see in Scope. Believe in what you hear yourself, not hear in Scope. Always use your brain and analyze the information, and never assume information coming from Scope to be true.

And the SOE? The SOE have high Gallente influence. Would the information be manipulated by Scope or SoE, it’s the same thing.

No, really. Never believe when someone with gallente influence accuse someone in something. You don’t really have to walk and see far from examples. Have you ever heard what some openly gallentean or gallente-sympathizing pilots were telling about me, for example?

Never. Beleive. Gallenteans.

Spoken by my Sebiestor kin, but we’re all stupid tribals right? Don’t paint with one brush, there’s a lot more than simple strokes that make a picture…


If you say so, Ms. Vess. I have very little knowledge about tribals myself and making such claims for me I consider inappropriate, but I trust your reasoning.

Generalization helps to understand the picture as a whole, the detalization will be requested as (if will be) needed. If you will waste too much time studying each tree for no apparent reason you are risking to miss the whole forest.

Notably, Pharos of Thera is a watchdog organization formed by former Sisters personnel.

Taya Akira first came to prominence when she leaked the loss of contact with Sanctuary facilities in Thera. Since then, she’s been former Sanctuary.

Pharos reports often have an element of truth, but sometimes seem to come from swamp miasma and fever dreams


“Manipulation” by lot that likely put into a monument the first breadcrumb of a trail that led to the discovery of the Blacklace implant.

Whose project did get taken over by CONCORD.

The same CONCORD that’s been known to repeatedly deny information, employ blackouts and whomever knows what else to keep us little folk in the dark. And, aside from that, actually cleaning up their mess each time it happens.

Well I’d say whatever is cooking under the lid, I’m all for it if it leaks out.

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Again: nothing new. ALL of their public statements are manipulative. They always have been. The only potential surprise here is that it’s taken them and the Scope this long to get together.

All media is biased. The honest ones acknowledge their bias so that can be taken into account. The dishonest ones present their viewpoint and claim it’s all unvarnished fact, and nothing else.


So how would you classify Gutter Press ? :thinking:

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Honest about their bias: sensationalism.


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