SOE Capital Exploration Vessel - Sanctuary

The ship would act like a mobile base for SOE expeditionary force, especially useful in WH classes >1.

The Sanctuary Corporation flagship, designed in response to increased triglavian and drifter threat.
Based on a collaboration with ORE, for the technology behind the Orca, the Sisters of EVE are manufacturing this ship to support extended deployments in the most dangerous areas deep into Anoikis and help support expeditionary fleets in high-danger areas in normal space.

Its intended use is mainly to be deployed as a covert base of operations, but also to be able to act as a support vessel in situations where violent action is unavoidable and secure the safe extraction of personnel and data.

Given that the platform it’s based on is the ORE’s Orca the ship requires Industrial Command Ships skill but the systems installed by SOE still receive bonuses from the respective faction’s battleship skills.

Industrial Command Ships III
Amarr Battleship III
Gallente Battleship III

Ship Bonuses
Industrial Command Ships bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to ship cargo and ammo hold capacity
3% bonus to Armor Command Burst effect strength and duration
10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and speed
20% bonus to Logistic Drone transfer amount

Amarr Battleship bonuses (per skill level)
4% increase in armor resistances

Gallente Battleship bonuses (per skill level)
5% bonus to scan resolution and sensor strenght
5% bonus to ship agility (faster align, warp off)

Role bonus
100% bonus to drone damage (might be too much but it’s still some sort of capital ship right?)
150% bonus to Remote Armor Repairer optimal range and falloff (will be about 60km i think)
37.5% bonus to Core and Combat Scanner Probe strength
Can use 3 command burst modules
Cloak reactivation delay reduced to 10 seconds ( i would kill for this)
100% reduction in cloaking devices scan resolution malus (so you can fit the cloak and still logi)

20.000 m3 Cargohold
20.000 m3 Ammo hold (for cap boosters etc)
20.000 m3 fleet hangar (for storage)
1.000.000 m3 ship maintenance bay (to be able to fit a small fleet reships, including maybe a nestor)

Structure hp - 30.000
Shield - 6.000
Armor - 30.000
Sig Radius - 800m
Mass - 200m kg

Drone bay capacity 450m3
Drone bandwidth 125 mb/s

Scan Res - 120 mm (battleship scan res - since it doesn’t have triage, it will need to lock like a nestor) - 150 with gallente bs V
Mag Sensor - 50 (since it doesn’t have triage it will need to not get jammed a lot) - 62.5 with gallente bs V
Targeting range - 100km (for logi purposes)
Locked Targets - 9 (logi ship standard i think)

Warp Speed - 2 AU/s (bs)
Max Velocity - 50m/s (almost immobile)
Base time to warp - 10s (idk how things would compound to this)

Powergrid 3600mw
CPU 600 tf
Cap 10000 GJ

High - 7 (0 launchers, 0 turrets) (three boosters, cloak, probes and 2 utility/logi)
Medium - 3
Low - 6
Rig 3 Large - 400


Sanctuary BPC - 1.200.000 LP + 200.000.000 isk available from SOE LP Store
Alternatively - 2x Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip
Material costs - ~700m
Market Cost : ~900-1.2b

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A) Carriers do not use drones anymore, only fighters.
B) The mass is way too small for a ship like that.
C) The bonuses, attributes and slot-layout are way too good.

A) Fair enough - it’s supposed to be an orca, but I’m shy of introducing a skill just for this (like the orca has) so I was thinking the carrier skills could be used just to give it some training wall

B) the mass needs to be <300m so it can access lower class whs

C) that’s so I can cut from :slight_smile:

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You are going to need to change the skills. If you are dead-set on the mass, you will have to cut back on the bonuses, attributes and slots to make it even remotely balanced.

But what’s the concern here - that it would be bridged too easy, right ?

It’s too good. You are basically making a better Nestor that has a massive cargohold bolted on.

you might be right :slight_smile:

I’ll rethink it a bit to be more in the logi/support role like the orca is.

By 100% reduction in cloak scan resolution penalty do you actually mean “No targetting delay after decloaking” ? Or do you still want to be unable to target for 5-6 seconds but be able to acquire target lock faster?

Also you draw a lot of Parallels to the Orca which to my albeit limited knowledge of long term operations in Wormhole space is already used (Or previously was circa 2016 the last time i was actively in W-space) in these exact situations. Is there a reason the orca should be replaced in this role specifically rather than being allowed to continue as a multi-faceted command operations ship for long term ops?

And i also agree the slot layout is too good, i would say give it 5 highs, 3 mids, and 7 lows otherwise it obsoletes the Nestor and is far too powerful compared to the only other ship in its class, the Orca. its too small to be compared to a carrier In my opinion.

That way in your highslots you have your cloak and probes, but you have to decide if boosts or Logistics are more important or refit as needed, fewer mids as most armor boats do, and just taking off the 1 low to avoid it being OP as an armor drone boat

thanks for the feedback - i ve posted the updated version above a bit and turns out most of the suggested changes are in

7 highs might be too much but it will need the cloak i guess and the launcher which will leave it gimped in its main role.

other slots are as you said now and it also retains orca stats although more combat-y and slippery.

the scan res malus on cloak - yea i would have it so taht the cloak doesnt reduce scan res - but the targeting delay remains.

it s meant to replace the orca as a more specialized vessel as using orca as a mobile base is kind of a waste of ship stats. Also it could synergize better with armor fleets and fit the soe lore + bonus capital soe ship <3

if deployed as intended it would only be catchable in transit or when engaged in combat ofc. The orca has a 30 sec recloak timer which combined with its huge sig and lowsensor make it easily combat probed.

I would argue it follow the path of the triglavian ships then, a T2 Faction ship, like the Ikitursa just for SOE instead. Plus the need for additional skills would offset the bonuses.

Reducing the signature radius is a good idea to avoid being probed quite so easily but you do have to figure it is a large hulk in space, it should be found with some ease, just not instantly like a regular Orca so a 5 second delay for a ship this big is a tad much then, maybe 10 seconds. And as long as it cant warp cloaked its relatively balanced.

Interested to see what others have to say. I personally wouldn’t invest 1.5b for the biracial carrier skillbooks just for this ship if i didn’t already have them but for some groups this could be a useful addition.

Have you considered manufacturing cost and estimated Hull Price at “Stable” market value? and how much LP to acquire the BPC as well while your at it, just to flesh out every detail.

I’ve updated the original post with the new requirements - but i’ll tldr them here - you need the industrial command ship skill and the two battleship skills to make it work.

yea, having the sig a bit lower and the sensor str a bit higher will help but at these sizes idk if it’s that much of a difference. My intent would be to have it extremely hard to scan when you decloak it to use it (as refitting, changing ships etc.) but if you chose to move it around or obv. engaging in a fight that’s when it gets killed - just like the orca in this respect. Probably 5 seconds is too low though.

I’ll lower the mass a bit maybe it will help with the agility issues - after all the orca has 150m mass, this could go by with 200m or smth. Thanks for the feedback

It still has too many bonuses, the mass is too low for the abilities it has and it’s attributes are still OP. I like that you are willing to change your idea, but if this ship would get implemented, it would cost more than fitted dread for the hull alone. And we all know that balancing with price is a not a good idea.

The probe strength is way too good. There is a reason T2 covops ships have the best strenght, and not the SOE ships.

I mean this will be used to scan in-system - the covops, I was thinking, have the ability to explore the chain, whereas this is stationary.

It would still break the Rule that T2 ships are more specialized than Pirate ships.

Why does the mass matter though?

I’m thinking stats-wise this would be a better logi nestor but lacking the dps, being slower, larger but having the advantage of a large cargo and SMB. The price should be made into the figures i’ve estimated I think, so that it’s easier to reach.

LE with the role bonus and the 75mb/s it would deal 1000 dps with three dda. Might be a bit op. I will lower that to 50mb/s and keep the bonuses - this way it will only use medium drones and will reach 700dps under the same conditions.

I get what you’re saying but by slot layout the nestor is already touching this with just the 50% bonus - I mean it has the drawbacks I guess - no one would use it the same way you would use the covops ships anyways.

But then again that’s not a change i’m super keen on so maybe a 60% or so (since it doesn’t have nestor’s mids it won’t reach its performance) just to make it better than the Nestor a bit .

I’m still waiting on an SoE Marauder :wink:

2 Likes 50% bonus 37.5% bonus 37.5 bonus 50% bonus (and 6 mids ! )

No way a generic ship can do better than specialized ships.
37.5% it is, no more.

5% increase in armor resistances


10% bonus to Drone hitpoints, damage and tracking

10% bonus to drone hitpoints and speed.

You want to have, at max, the same ratio signature/sensor strength as a magpie, that is 500/300 = 1.67. Let’s say 2, so you are actually easier to probe than a magpie.

  • since you have 800m sig, you need a total modified 400 scan strength.
  • You start with base 50. With skill you have +20% so 60 base.
  • 400 means a +560% total scan str. over the base 60.
  • so per level you need ± 110% scan strength. this will actually mean a total 390 scan str, so a ratio of 2.05 instead of magpie 1.67.