SOE Character Themed background (#FirstWorldProblems)

For some stupid (roleplay) reason, I’d like to create a SOE Themed character but i can’t decide what background to use - i also couldn’t find anything out about the “new” background pictures (came back from a 2 year break and google shows me just info’s about WWBee and Citadel backgrounds).
They are at the very end near the SGC background

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Have you ever read the Black Mountain series of Chronicles? Depending on your roleplay, Sisters operatives both covert and…overt(?) often find themselves in dingy rooms.

Not yet, although i found it on the web (eve page) - is that a short story or a real book?
-> another thing i’ve noticed when i was watching the Ally videos in a station, was a SOE Video - is that just a CCP placed lore video or is there actually the possibility to join.

Don’t know if any of you have seen it - but it’s SOE Logo in a circle with the 3 Ship names around it and after that the line “Explore with us” replaces SOE in the circle (?).

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