SoE Event Suggestion

Premise: SoE are experimenting with Cyno-like tech but in wormholes and are now stuck in space so it’s up to you to find them and save them. Or maybe they don’t want to be found and saved?

Where: In shattered C5 and C6 there will be 4 cosmic signature with max scan difficulty (think Superior Sleeper Cache). When signature is completed in any way, it will disappear and reappear after 6 hours in another system. If cosmic signature is not warped to for 2 days, it will despawn and respawn after 6 hours in another wormhole.

What do: When you warp in you will see lots of nestors, stratioses and (this will be important later) SoE supercarrier. At distance of 500km there will be drifter response battleships that are not closing to the group. The group will have about 4 of those battleships (that’s a lot). Supercarrier is lockable.
When you decloak on the site, those battleships will lock you and start moving to you at speed of 2.5km/s. If they are at range of about 150km, supercarrier will start launching fighters at them. After killing 8 fighter sorties, they will aggress whatever players have first.

Ways to complete:

  1. Restore warp drive on the supercarrier - lock the supercarrier with a data analyzer. RED hack, one chance only. If you fail it won’t be hackable anymore and you have to complete the site in another way or wait until it despawns. When you succeed in hacking after 5 seconds the fleet will warp out. Drifters will also warp out unless you attacked them
  2. Destroy the Drifters - start fighting that group. You need to bring a pretty big fleet as they will have 10k dps total and lots of neuts. Those battleships will try to warp out and despawn when they hit armor. When all 4 drifters warp out or are killed, SoE fleet will drop a can with rewards and recloak unless you lock the supercarrier. If you keep supercarrier locked, they will jam you after 1m. If you still keep them locked, they will warp out.
  3. Attack the Supercarrier - aggress the supercarrier before all drifters are gone and keep it pointed. You will have to fight both drifters and SoE. Additional SoE ships will start decloaking, in total having to fight about 6 RR Nestors, 12 laser stratii, 12 drone stratii and a supercarrier with 8 sorties. If there are capitals on grid, it will also launch 8 anti-capital sorties. Killing supercarrier will force everyone to warp off so be sure to kill it last or first, depending on what you want. Supercarrier has 20k ehp armor regen and rr nestors will prioritize repairing it over anything else.


  1. Warp drive restoration gives you a good amount of SoE LP, enough to buy yourself a Stratios and some spare
  2. Every Drifter has 300m in blue loot, and SoE will drop a can with components for T2 Nestor-> blops nestor research, along with some LP, enough to buy 4 players a stratios from LP store.
  3. Killing the supercarrier will drop SoE supercarrier BPC and tank your standings to SoE by a lot. It will also drop components from T2 Nestor research and blueprints for sisters covert jump bridge generator that lets you conduit jump to Thera from any shattered WH system

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