[SoERR] Reports from On the Way Home evacuation base

Sounds like the Triglavians are trying to breed with humans to create a Triglavian / Human hybrid that can then infiltrate secure areas within the Four Houses to slowly bring each house down.

Personal update

Wormhole entry situation seems to be stabilizing and the base in Gelfiven again sees the occasional group of refugees, despite all odds. All in bad shape and with tales of terror. The planet is dying.

Contact with ground is a mess. Sporadic transmissions with tales of horror, flashes of hope that only serve to make the crushing of them that follow harder. The low orbit is a freaking warzone. Svarog are the Enemy from the darkest tales of horror our people tell.

The Skarkon station stands, against all odds - but how long, I cannot say. The buy offer mess has generated quite a lot of interest. All of my options are distasteful now, picking between fast or slow death, less or more concessions, and I hate it.

Makes one wish one was on ground with General Efrit of all people, some days. May he find his Fate and fulfill it. It is an honor to die a fiery death, and it is the only honor left in Skarkon.

When all other ways close, the Way of the Knife opens


When all other ways close, punch a hole in the wall. On that note, I’m working an angle.

Update from Skarkon

The slow death is even slower than anticipated. The station is there, as is the occasional trickle of evacuees. Numbers are low and not anywhere close to overwhelming the combined capacity of all sorts of capsuleer volunteers. I expect some move also through the freeport Fortizar and other structures in system, but I do not like to go there, and they do not like me there, either.

Not that I like going to Skarkon, at all. I drop in, because I need to, but I rarely stay, preferring to get out again before I sleep. Sarinde has the station and he’s handling it well enough.

The few people coming from the planet are in bad shape, half-dead more from exposure and hunger than from warfare or nanotech now. I suppose that’s partly because the only places where anyone can lift off from are the remote rural places far away from the monsters and the guns. They tell tales of horror, of clouds of nanotech roaming the planet, of dark crystals swallowing cities, of snow falling knee deep where snow has never fallen before, not soft but with sharp edges to its flakes.

A friendly fly-over has confirmed that at least not all of our evac personnel were dead immediately on loss of contact. There’s been signals and there’s tracks. The area is a broken mess inside an ice-devil hell though, and landings have not been possible. I suppose hope is good but it also means no legal backups at this point.

So many inquiries from people on how they can help. I don’t know how they can help. We have enough donations of standard supplies now to run On The Way Home at capacity for almost a year, and so many offers of longer-term housing, and niches that need to be filled. Transport capacity is fine, and there’d be tribal units still with enough dropships if there was somewhere worth landing they could safely land.

It should be spirit-lifting how people come together to help the refugees. It is not. The planet is still dying.

There is also traffic in to the system, now, what with the filaments flooding the markets, and the wormholes patterns well-known, and them kept open for Edencom by us and others. Volunteers for the resistance army have started to appear at my docks. Volunteers for the resistance army! Ragtag bands of youth in their diversion years, imagining some lost tale of heroism, calling themselves fancy Circle names, like the Storm Daggers, or Burning Ice, or Efrit’s Eagles. (Bet he has never heard of them.)

Dropships sometimes appear and then the youth are gone. I ask no questions. What’s it to me? I am a civilian and this is semi-freeport. Anyone can come and go as long as they are not hostile to the tribes.

Too little, too late.

If you want to bring something, bring fuel. The station still needs to burn it.


Changes in the Skarkon base office usage

We have had some new visitors in Skarkon lately, and dockside decks B-2 to F-5 are now under the jurisdiction of Republic Command and used by their local operatives, and off limits to regular capsuleer and civilian traffic.

The local partner goes by the (decidedly uncool but certainly professional) name of 2nd Besateoden Combat Engineers. They are multitribal; predominantly Seb, with Brutor and Thukker well represented too. They are reasonably polite, quite isolationist, barely articulate in Standard Matari, and utterly uninformative; like trying to chat up a wall. So, while I’d love to share more details, details are need to know, and I do not need to know. Station Manager Sarinde has checked credentials and he actually does have the knowhow to make sure they do check, so that’s that. Happy to be able to help.

Upside is someone who at least looks like they know what the hell they are doing now rounds up all the kids from Circles With Cool Names, which should secure them gear and instruction that might actually if not keep them alive at least make them useful before they die.

We have had to make a slight change to office rents to cover for the space, but other than that I have been assured none of this should affect other patrons of the station in any way. I apologize for any inconvenience.

As another matter, I must ask baseliners to stop attempting tourist trips to Pochven. It is not safe. Capsuleers offering this service should be ashamed of themselves, and for the love of gods stick to Krai Veles if you must.

News from the surface

We have had very short intermittent spots of contact with our own lost ground crew. They are moving towards a potential lift-off site but the trek will be hard. Casualties are unknown. Svarog seems to have been opposed to evacuation attempts from the beginning and they are not getting any more gentle as is. Not only do they seem to be bioforming (trigforming?) the planet on a fast schedule and could care less for who is on the way, but they actually actively engage with transports and nothing can convince them otherwise. I’m told a support drop will be attempted only if absolutely necessary, as there’s fears it will simply attract attention and make things worse.

Refugee camp update

Situation at On the Way Home in Gelfiven is stabilizing; with the Parliament working for land assignment for those who do not have kin in other systems that can take them in and with capsuleer efforts such as The New Eden Re-Housing Initiative (NERI) helping, the majority of people have somewhere to move on.

While the triglavian situation has been a crisis, the world has sadly not stopped to simply watch. The warzone is still there, the Empire is still there. We left some of our housing units and staff in Amo on the dockside camp, but they are struggling without the main freighter and especially without the most experienced personnel.

The Amo base has the Vitoc clinic, but they have had to refer a couple of simple infection and trauma cases elsewhere already with most of the capable medical hands with us in MH. It’s not like we don’t have the kudos to do that, but wasting favor on something we could do ourselves feels, well, wasteful. Even more annoying, psychological work has fallen in large part into the hands of various spiritual groups, a situation that I am not entirely happy with. Empire refugees do not generally have enough information to judge belief systems for themselves and are easily lead, and mislead, even by well-meaning people.

For these reasons, it is likely we will move the main base back to Amo, or elsewhere where support for Empire / war refugees is easier, soon.

(Modular hab units at On the way home)


Warzone heating up

Seems the warzone tide is indeed turning, and that usually means an influx of refugees. The base is now really prepping for a move back to Amo. I cannot help we did not do enough, but we did what we could, and that’s that. Plan is medical will get some of their people most involved in the more weird incidents to Skarkon, but the rest of the base will be back at regular support for people fleeing our original invaders soon.

I dare say they have missed it. Everyone’s done good work and put in good hours and no one is complaining, but it is obvious dealing with internal displacement is new for this camp and everyone’s uncomfortable.

The sign wall tells all new stories now.

Skarkon update

Stormwind PMC has shown up. They intend to go on a search of our missing people, and have miraculously managed to actually talk to the 2nd Besateoden and have some kind of plans for a joint drop (or something, I still don’t need to know too much). I am happy with the sentiment and I do wish them luck, but to be quite honest do not think much of the plan, and I do not think much of the risks involved.

But there’s no reasoning with the Brutor, and that’s that.

(If you want to stop a Brutor warlord with a plan, bring a tank)


Update from the base

The main base is moving to Amo today, after delays cased by a hisec war on some of our operatives and alternatives being still somewhat tied up in Skarkon. There are news and rumors about Sarum mobilizing again - seriously, the guy’s on level of the Efrits on not knowing when to give up, is he not? - and we need to be ready.

Thanks to donations we are well-stocked and fully operational. Flights to our Secret Starway collection points that have been delayed in the past months should resume before Year’s End. Thank you for your patience and collaboration in these trying times (you know who you are).

Update from Skarkon

As a cultural awareness pro-tip for anyone entering the station or human positions on ground: covering your face with equipment, except when the conditions absolutely demand it for survival, is now considered even more rude and suspicious than usual. Humans have faces and names and show them; to hide behind cover is what the Enemy does. Apparently. With how on the edge people are, just a question of time before someone gets shot as a collaborator for wearing a breather too long after exiting a pod or a fighter.

After an initial period of out of contact, Stormwind PMC has sent a private encrypted. They have made contact with parts of the missing medical expedition after a trek inland. There was heavy fighting with Svarog on the way, but after some aerial support from other forces in the area (I’ll leave it for them to name themselves or not), not only is most of team alive, but they have managed to send up some technical reports on the conditions on the planet based their experiences. The stranded group is medical / evac, so not strictly speaking scientists, and the conditions are hard, but many of them have the training, and maybe it will be some use. These reports have been forwarded to the relevant national academic institutions.

Stormwind and Aubaris’s team have managed to reconnect with the STRA. Unfortunately the area where 2nd Besateoden and as extension now Stormwinds are doing whatever super-secret stuff it is they are doing is deep into enemy territory. Communications are limited due to security concerns, and lift-off has turned out to be trickier even than we expected. This bothers the PMC not, as they’d rather stay with Efrit anyway, but it makes getting the originally stranded and now wounded and weakened team out a damned mess. We are exploring various options; at the moment capsuleer intervention and a POCO lift-off seems the likeliest route.

What forces on ground can hope to achieve when the sun itself is lost and Triglavian plagues sweep the planetary surface, I have no idea, but the Tribal Council has spoken and that’s that. Maybe making Svarog pay for each step they take there is something.

To those concerned, unfortunately we still have no confirmation on the whereabouts or status of Commander Jaqel Aubaris. Legal proceedings for backup recloning have been fired but as the requirements there are somewhat strict on confirmed death of the original, it might take some time. Meanwhile, search continues as much as possible in the conditions the troops face.

May ancestors smile when they see the tribesmen and -women on ground. Come War, I am a weapon in the hand of Fate.

Images from a report on mutaplasmid “snow” on former desert steppes on Skarkon II.
((OOC: Images: an Earth phenomenon called “watermelon snow”, viral images, tried & failed to find original credit.))


On the way Home, in RJD colors, moves home to Amo through a metaliminal storm.


Update from Skarkon

After some maneuvering and co-ordinating and dancing around opsec, we have managed to drop a new beachhead, and pulled most of our surviving civilian(ish) staff out by using some well-known-but-generally-considered-a-terrible-idea ways to hack ground-to-POCO rocket transport into personnel traffic. (Kids, don’t try this in civilized space or in areas where your survival rate on ground is likely to not be worse than in an explosion-propelled cargo container.)

Most of the PMC are staying. For those concerned, I did put in an effort to argue, but as it is still a fact that EM as an independent capsuleer organization does not maintain ground armies, they are not on my chain of command.

Situation in system is bad. Svarog are advancing, slower than they’d have without the sacrifices made, but advancing still. I dare say some people on Skarkon would take a reservation, like those in Perun controlled systems according to news, in exchange to how Svarog handles populations in areas where they feel populations should not be.

I asked one of the rescued staff about the mention in the news that Svarog movements are bizarre, and he said this:

“Yea, I don’t get the Svarog. On the steppes, they seemed to hunt us, but some time after Aubaris went down, they just turned away and left us. Then later, when Stormwind arrived, they started dropping heavy stuff on our heads again. It makes no strategic sense; why wait till we have been reinforced before attacking? Some say it’s some kind of a ‘proving’ thing, but they definitely don’t only fight ‘worthy opponents’ or leave us alone because without the eggers we were civilians; they murder anyone who gets in their way all the time. Except then sometimes they don’t, but seem to lose interest in the middle of it. Same with the warclones, I heard it said; sometimes Svarog acts like there’s a pact of some kind between them, sometimes they show up to pick a fight. The commander of [WITHDRAWN] said sometimes if you did not know who’s on which side you could never tell from what you see going on.”

Update from Amo

Warzone is in full swing apparently. After a bit of a lull during the Triglavian invasions, we now are back to our regular programming of invaders, and refugee streams have gone back to what they were. Base is also rendering aid to Amo TLF re: wounded crew.

Everyone’s basically decent and helpful but if hospital beds are full, haggling around whose responsibility a 1) member of Clan Never-heard-of-them-must-be-out-of-system 2) who were on a indie capsuleer ship as 3) a member of Circle of Some-barely-legal-terrorist-paramilitary-from-the-outer-regions is exactly can get spicy. One cannot help but notice there’s tribal lines drawn there too; Starkmanir and Krusual have easier time getting access to the military hospital than anyone else, and we seem to be getting an overabundance of our own.

Not that I am not sure SoERR medical crew can match the quality of care of a TLF station any day or night.

(Spaceside view of a temporary beachhead on Skarkon II. Pictures by Venia Leez.)

(EM Guardian in EDENCOM colors flies by some Triglavian structures on an asteroid in Pochven.)



The mutual open-traffic agreement has eased movement from certain areas of Skarkon and remaining civilians with affiliations to Electus Matari have been pulled out. Civilian evacuation traffic to Invaders Must Die has seen some increase but sadly not amounts in any way comparable to the early days. News some time ago reported ingoing military more than outgoing civilians and I believe that’s more because not that many people left on the planet to evacuate than anything else.

PMC reports some Svarog units staging and moving off planet. There’s reports from Senda about Svarog attacks on Veles, probably related.


Warzone is in full assault mode and as result there have been both many recently liberated places with people wanting off and people wanting to return to their homes from which they have been displaced earlier now that traffic is open again.

Don’t know why people want to return to the warzone for. The tide will turn again and they’ll just be displaced again and what with Sarum’s making noises it could be worse the next time. But I guess tradition and ancestral lands and all that. Not my place to question.

But as a result, the base is busy and burning through supplies; I understand we might put out an open call for donations soon. I am informed there is some issue with us collecting isk under the name of SoERR Roughriders as long as we are in the Militia - suspicions about humanitarian money used for ‘peddling guns and rebellion’, or something like that - so if we will, will have to do it it will be supplies only.

The station’s busy, the Republic is staging, there’s Fleet people everywhere. It’s the only place to sensibly run the base from at this point, as it has previously been at this point of the Tide of War, but it’s also a nuisance and pain to operate on a station with military on standby. Not only does it make docksides crowded, but there’s no going to have a quiet cup of tea without some ■■■■■■ recognizing me, and every time someone does it can range from a fan club member or an officer friend of Masim’s to someone with an old feud with him or with opinions on politics.

(And I realize the tone of these reports is drifting towards a personal diary. It’s still going to be only about the bases so if you came here hoping to read about notepads or the state of my marriage, you’re going to have to just ask me directly somewhere less public.)

At least on a TLF station volunteer warriors don’t come to me, they go to the Militia.

(One of the Amo TLF station city domes)


You should really look into getting an EDI Escort Fleet to travel with you along the evacuation route. The Trigs might still try and attack the survivors.

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Triglavian interference to competent haulers is minimal as is. A combat wing would attract attention rather than make safety.

Should I need help at some point, though, I will definitely draw from Lux Invicta. (EDI as a whole is, sadly, not what it used to be.)



After the mutual open-traffic agreement, we have been able to lift remnants of our staff off the planet, and organizations other than ours have been utilizing the chain of orbital station to outbound waystation for their own refugee work. Regardless - or maybe because of - this, refugee traffic is decidedly dwindling, and I expect this phase of the occupation to be basically over.

Republic Command is doing their thing in the areas they commandeered and apparently even mentioning the regiment name of 2nd Besateoden was too much intel for the liking of some. So while I wish I’d have something to report to the general public of what the hell they are up to thereabouts, I don’t. Kindly send inquiries to STRA General Kril Efrit or something.

At the same phase as the refugee work is winding down, scientific interest in conditions on the Triglavian occupied planets is picking up. We are glad to host Displaced Discoveries, now performing critical research on mutaplasmid activity.


Warzone, ever being the warzone, keeps the main base busy enough.

Still well-stocked, but as always, Medical would like me to correct my previous statements about having stocks for a year by reminding everyone that Vitoc’s self-life is abysmal, and we can always use more and fresher installments. (Arrange if necessary for a tradeover at Amo TLF, thank you kindly and may your ancestors smile when they meet you.)

Security wishes to restate that the base does not, in any case, give information about persons aboard to anyone. We release sought-after criminals to the custody of law enforcement with valid and confirmed jurisdiction claims only. Use of force to test the policy will be met with the same.

(Images from drafts for Displaced Discoveries promotional material)



No news. With the opening of the warclone controlled evac routes for co-operation, we saw a short burst of activity, but that seems to have been the last. No census exists that I know of about how many dead and how many out, but as it looks to me, it’s over.

All guns mostly point in the correct direction now, that direction being Svarog. We’ll see how long that holds.

There’s still Tribal forces on the planet and I gotta give it to Efrits, sometimes them not knowing when the ■■■■ to give up looks more like heroism (if heroism in vain) than bullying. Some of the Stormwinds are still assisting. Of capsuleers: Aloga accounted for; Aubaris still MIA.

Science expeditions are still going out. Some of those people are crazy.


Warzone’s been stalemated, more or less, for a while. The push we hoped for has not been progressing. I expect the tide will turn, unless something new happens soon.

People have started to leave Floseswin, some of them people who had already left their homes once and moved back in after the war. For now, they leave in peace, and prepared, and we refer them to their kin and work allocation offices and tribal relocation agencies and the like. Technically, they are not refugees before their reason to leave is real, and not expectation.

A lot of people do good work lifting off people from planets in the liberated systems while we still can. It’s slow work and dangerous. As we are not in the habit of starting full-out ground wars in the warzone, it is hit and miss raids under stealth of the night, under-cover agents posing as slave-traders, standoffs on capsuleer docksides daring the local authorities to cross the line to international jurisdiction, people risking all they have by keeping a stairway entrance open in their House or Hold, dropships shot down on approach. So dances Freedom, ever the vagabond, with Lady Luck, their steps lifting this life here, ending that one there.

It still brings people home.

Footage by a liberation landing crew.
((OOC art credits: Legionnaires , by Andrée Wallin. ))



After a relatively calm time perior, with the escalating fighting in Floseswin the past weeks and now rising international tensions, the base serving the immediate warzone and border regions has its hands full of work again. As most refugees are internally displaced clans seeking shelter from the storm in high security, the base is doing fine regarding Vitoc and medical supplies, but we find ourselves struggling with simple housing and feeding needs. Should individuals wish to help, stock levels can be monitored here and donations are always welcome.

Should it happen that we go to war, we expect a rise in individuals liberated from Empire regions, at which point maintaining good Vitoc stock levels also becomes of outmost importance.


Exploding mountains with antimatter does not tend to generate huge numbers of living refugees, and evacuations were mostly complete already in any case, so the refugee base is calm. We lost the Insorum team field lab, however, and the station has been busy with allied traffic: 2nd Besateoden has had to evacuate what remains of a base that was a tad too close to the disappeared mountain and they stage on the station while they set whatever it is they are doing back up, Stormwind PMC are leaving system on account of the escalation in Floseswin, and we have had the honor to help treat a small number of STRA wounded.

Guns that pointed in the same direction have started to point at random things again, and there’s been fighting between STRA and the warclones. As an upside some of the Veles seem to have turned their weapons away from human populations and towards Svarog. It’s getting messy again. I guess that’s Skarkon for you; the place has a special place in the heart of Fate.

Volunteer of the STRA on Skarkon II, caught on camera just as she sees from afar the sky lighting up with the antimatter explosion suspected of killing Kril Efrit. ((OOC credit: https://www.instagram.com/thiriumichor/))


Due to completely NOT unforeseen circumstances, the Skarkon structure has been put to battlestation ACLs until such time that it is no longer under immediate threat (one way or another). While all major operators on the station still have their access, we apologize for the inconvenience for operations we are unaware of.



Allied operations, baseline crew and visitors are advised to evacuate immediately. Transport to the freeport Fortizar in system, tether to tether, should be risk-free. We advice sheltering in place at the freeport and waiting for escort before attempting to leave the system. We will advice separately if safe return becomes possible. Only skeleton crew essential to defense operations and support is to remain on the station.

(( OOC credit: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZGoamw ))



The station has been destroyed in a prolonged and expensive battle. Casualties are minimal after evacuations in preparation, but obviously not zero. Please inquire for names from the Amo office.

Our condolences and eternal thanks to the kin of the final gunnery crew who went down fighting.

Our thanks to all friends and allies, old and new, who showed to help, and honor to the enemy who fought well, may you die in a pure fire.

I saw some unfortunately personal arguments between station crew who were leaving and station crew who wanted to stay. Most of the support staff and remaining refugees decided to take the last Tayra out. A few had been holding out all this time hoping to see missing loved ones appear, and they had to make peace with the fact that that may not be in the cards for them. The missing board seemed to have every candle left onboard lit at its base today, and there was a long line of people saying their goodbyes to photos. – Description by an eyewitness to the last day of evacuation



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