Software Upgrade


I’ve ran quite a few Gaming Forums over the past 20 years, and i must say i’m very surprised to see EVE Online of all games not using the best of the best forum software. You guys need to get vBulletin and QUICK. The UI alone is still best of the best in 2021 and every single user here would appreciate it, not to mention of all of features developers can implement into display for us like certain in-game stats displayed under posts, current ship active ect ect. The options are endless with vBulletin as opposed to the current which probably requires much more work for developers to make a small change and better the experience.

Example, i seriously just saw that the “Wide Version” we can choose to use is “experimental”? It’s just a fluid version. Like your web devs are doing way too much by far and that shows it right there in my humble opinion. Nonetheless, it’s just something to look into to make your devs lives easier and attend player suggestions MUCH easier.

Import current data is made easy to do as well so archived data could still exist. The reason i was surprised vbulletin is mainly because it’s the most powerful forum software, hands down and you guys have ALOT of data EVERYWHERE. Organizing it and displaying for us is a battle you’ll never win but the options to make it easier are right there. I sound like i’m advertising but i’m not affiliate with them in anyway, there just the best when it comes to large communities needing organization and facelift.

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