Solar system info not displaying in English (game is set to English)

I fired the game up for the first time in about 5-6 years and after installing (fresh install through the launcher) the solar system info is displaying in some triangular looking characters and I can’t find anything anywhere to change this to English. Everything else displays in English, only this element appears to be affected. From what I’m seeing fresh installs aren’t supposed to do this. Anyone seen this before, or am I missing something?


Thats because it is being invaded by Triglavians and no amount of google translate will help.

If you go to another system not under invasion you will see all is ok.

Boot up the game for the first time in years and I find myself in the middle of a warzone. LOL

Thanks for helping me make sure I wasn’t losing my mind.

Advice : triglavian ships are VERY dangerous, even the frigates. don’t haul without proper tank and/or cloak , they camp gates with high DPS. think they don’t scram at gates . If mining , fit proper tank , also don’t use expensive drones, they will warp in and eat them alive

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