Solar System orbital movement,

So. This is a nutty idea but hey why not write it down because it would be awesome none the less.

Our solar systems are all static. Planets stay in the same place and nothing happens.

So what would happen if they where not static?
Planets would orbit the sun and move around it constantly changing the orientation of the system and planets would move relative to each other.
Citadels would stay facing a certain direction anchored to the sun so if you have it pointing at the sun it always will and bookmarks would stay relative to what ever they are close to eg gates , poco’s , citadels.

It would make for an interesting time if this happened in real time because a lot of planets would have well over a year orbit and some of the larger systems would be a fun strategic anomaly in that one day you go there and two gates are 10AU apart and then you go there 6 months later and the same two gates are sitting 200AU apart because the planets are not on opposite sides of the system.

This is unlikely to ever happen witch is a shame because it would be awesome!

It’s a cool idea, but the problem is its way to much work for very little effect unfortunately :confused:


When I first played EVE I was quite disappointed that nothing moved, so great idea!

Unfortunately, it’s in the too hard basket. Too much to consider. For example, how would the bookmark know which object it should stay relative to? How would a ship know which speed was zero? Could you ever catch up to a planet like Earth moving at 30000 m/s?

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I agree it’s too much work and too many things moving for too little. That’s very unfortunate because everything moving makes space a lot more fun. Imagine systems moving relative to each others over years so that jump distances change. It could shake up even null sec!

As for catching up to a planet, you’d warp to it which is already fast enough to do that, then get stuck in the gravity well of that planet and follow it. Having to actually orbit a planet instead of everyone sitting at 0 would be a fun change too. Planets would become a lot more dynamic.

All unfortunately too complicated. Eve is submarines with a spaceship skin. Including a static ocean topography reskinned as space.

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Warp drive…

Honestly, orbital mechanics would be hilarious in Eve. A full-on mix between Eve and KSP. You never really realize just how small you are in a game like Eve. Probably by design.

With a warp drive, interplanetary travel would be fine, but could you imagine trying to intercept someone when they’re on the far side of the planet? Alright folks, increase your orbital period by 60 minutes, we’ll rendezvous with them in about 2 hours.


They could easily make the adjustment at downtime - move each celestial object the distance it would travel in a day. It would be cool but it would sure screw up your bookmarks!


Imagine living on a planet that moved like that. Every night you’d either be thrown into space at supersonic speeds or squashed as flat as a cow patty, depending on which side you lived.

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It’s teleported

That makes no sense. We don’t have that happen at all.

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