[SOLD] 1,000 Phantasm BPCs

Want to sell 1,000 Phantasm BPCs for a total of 75B.
All located in Jita.

Sale will be done in 2 separate Contracts of 500 Phantasm BPCs for 37.5B isk each, since EVE Online limits maximum number of items in a Contract to 500.

Retracted have a good one

[ Retracted Offer ]

Are you only looking to purchase 500?


Can you not talk in bold?

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[ Retracted Offer ]

I’ll wait and see if anyone is interested in purchasing all 1,000 first.

[ Retracted Offer ]

That’s not gonna happen.

[ Retracted Offer ]

Cool. I’ll wait then.

Lol. good luck buddy :slight_smile:

I am out

[ Retracted Offer ]

Fine, I can do 70B.

[ Retracted Offer ]

I’ll be making the contract.

It will be made out to your character " Cheyenne Madevesa"

[ Retracted Offer ]

Contracts are up.

I got a better deal to be made elsewhere. Sorry.