SOLD 10.3M total SP with perfect Planetary Management skills

Level 5 in all 5 Planetary Management skills
Level 5 in many of core pilot skills (Hull Upgrades, Mechanics, Power Grid Management, CPU Management, Electronics Upgrades)
460K unallocated skill points
Located in Dodixie
No bounties, 0.0 Security Status

Edit: I forgot the Skillboard link EveSkillboard - Aoife Aele

I can offer 2.5b

please link the skillboard.

I’ll increase my offer to 3.5B Aoife Aele.

Your’s is the best offer so far. I’d like to give it 24 more hours. If no better offers come by then, we’ll call it a sale. :slight_smile:

3.1B :slight_smile:


4 bill

Looks like you are the winner. :slight_smile: Please send the isk and let me know what account to transfer to.

Isk/details sent

Character has been transferred. Let me know if there are any issues. Thanks so much.

Confirmation email received, pleasure doing business.

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