SOLD 100M subcap/exhumer alt

Brute Vengeance

100 Million SP

+ve Wallet
NO Kill Rights
HS Jump Clone only with +4/+3 charisma
Docked in NPC station Sasta Derelik HS

Key Skillz

Null Subcap PVP & PVE Alt
Exhumer Alt
Cyno Alt
Null Line/Logi Cruiser Doctrines
Scanner Alt
10 Jump Clones

75B offer

Looking for slightly more, would accept 78B

78b offer

Last bump - any increases on 78B please for my good self.

78.5 bil my final offer


79b offer

80 bil

@Tangarchik_Ru offer accepted, please can you deposit isk in the next 24 hours and I can start the transfer. FYI I am checking here EUTZ

isk and account info sent

Thanks - ISK received, character transfer started at 10am ET 18/03/23

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