Selling my Exhumers 5 pilot!

Positive wallet, positive sec status.
No killrights.
Located in Highsec NPC station.


5b start

Great, will let it run until 20.00 tonight ( 04.07)

Is your bid still valid?

yes just let me know

I offer 5b as well, in case Darth Vader retracts his offer.

sorry i was too busy last night, 5b from Darth is still highest bid.

Ends 20.00.

5.2b I offer

Highest bid, still valid?

5.3b final offer for me

ok if your offer is still on, youve won =)

okay i’ll send isk asap

5.5b B/O
Isk ready

Still for sale

5B isk ready

7b and i tansfer tonight

6B is the best I’m going to do

6,5 and its a deal

6B because its gunna cost me one skill injector to get Cyber V

7b from me … If accepted will be sending isk when home from work in hour