[Sold] 109.9m SP FAX/Logtistic Character



  • Can fly Amarr Carriers/FAX
  • Can fly all Racial Logistics and T3s
  • All relevant armor, shield, engineering support and remote rep skills trained


Starting Bid: 70B
Minimum bid increments: 1B
Buyout: 95B

Character located in Jita.
Positive wallet.
Positive Sec Status.
Remap 1 availble
No kill rights.

All ISK goes to this character.
I will pay for the transfer fee.

77 bil



Hi. When you check back and there has been no higher bid, I accept your offer.

80 bil

I’m planning on closing this sale soon at 17:00 EST (UTC -4). I’ll be taking the highest offer at that time.

In-game offer made, otherwise a bump.

Offer accepted. Awaiting ISK.

Isk and account information sent.

Confirm ISK transfer, beginning transfer.

Character transfer has been initiated. Please confirm receipt.

Character received. Thank you

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