[SOLD} - Logistics, Ewar, Support 53m (Fax books injected)

Capital Fax Skill Books installed. (Skill points were reset)


Skilled to Fly

Blockade Runner
Covert Ops (Maxed Scanning Skills)
Force Recon
Heavy Interdiction Cruiser
Precursor Cruiser L5

Bonus Remaps Available: 2
Perfect for WH’s

All CCP Rules apply.

Character is in accessible Highsec (Grinacanne).
I will pay for transfer.
Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
Character is in NPC corp.
Min 500m bidding increments please.
Start bid 30B.

30 b/o

Thank you for your offer Quilix. I intend to conclude this sale on Friday evening 18:00 GMT. Good luck.

The sale of this character will end in forty eight hours. :grinning:

Meehawl I will offer 30.5 B

Thanks WTB_All_Characters and good luck. Auction ends at 18:00 GMT tomorrow, just over twenty four hours time.

Auction ending in less than an hour at 18:00 GMT today.

Well done WTB_All_Characters Your offer of 30.5 B is accepted.

Please transfer the ISk above to Meehawl, with a in-game email detailing the account you require this character to be transferred to.

Thanks again.

Meehawl Isk and account info sent.

Character sold

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