SOLD / Sale Completed

Skills are available here

  • Pilot is in Jita
    Has a clone is in Dodixie
  • Has positive wallet and sec status
  • Little to no skill points wasted
    70 Level 5 Skills
  • No kill rights and a positive wallet
  • Been in only 2 public corps
  • 2 Skins
  • Remap now / 2 Bonus

I am in GMT-5, I am around on the weekend and evenings.
Transfer will be made with cash.

Starting Bid: 55 bil
B/O: 65 bil

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30 bn

too low but thank you for the bid.

Hi - Offering 38B

Thank you for the bid, too low.
Keep them bids coming.

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I could do 40B if you’re able to pay the txfr fee to CCP with money rather than PLEX and get things wrapped up today

I appreciate it thank you, still way to low.
fyi I can extract the skills / sell them for jut under 50bil and still have a 5mil char left

Understood. Most I can do is 46B. Let me know if you’d like to execute - I have my eye on two other toons but would prefer yours. Can close quickly.

Actually you can extract 43.5 b (not 50b)

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44 B/O

Thank you for bid, too low.

Offer 47B

Thank you for the bid, still low for such a great character.

It’s a nice character but I’m really only interested in the Rorqual part - I don’t really need the repro skills. Can do 49B

I will go as low as 53 if we can get his done today.

52B and you got a deal. Can close fast.

Sold, please send isk and evemail me the account name.

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Roger that - will do now.

In-game mail and payment sent.

I am getting an error transferring to the account you requested
“Target user not found or not active.”

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