SOLD! 116m SP Pure Combat Character

Optimized for small fleet and solo PVP

Starting Bid 75B(Bids lower than this will be considered free bumps)

NPC Corp
Positive sec
Positive Wallet
Full mid grade Crystal set
Full high grade Nirvana set(+SM-705/EM-805)

B/O 90B

I hope you get 75B but if not I can do 55B.

56 Bil


61b offer

65b offer

Bump, to the top

Still for sale


still for sale

mailed in game


If you can bump it up to 80B, i’ll accept it

Posted on the wrong account, but the above stands.

I’ll do 80B

Alrighty, send ISK and account name to transfer to to this toon.

Isk sent. Account to transfer to is in the mail and the isk message. Please let me know if you have any issues with transfer.

Thanks for doing business with me.

ISK received, and transfer initiated.

Dear xxxxxx

You have chosen to transfer the character Vixisti to the account named xxxxxx.

Dear xxxxxxx

Another player is transferring the character Vixisti to your account named xxxxxxxx

Email confirmation received

Sale Complete