SOLD - 121 Mil SP Super/ Rorqual /JF + More Char

I am for sale!

URF8 Skills

Located in High Sec
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status

Starting bid 120 Bill

Buyout 130Bill

100 bil

110 and you can have him tbh

100.5bil Isk in hand. can send now

110bil Isk in hand

Quotes will be withdrawn within 5 hours

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i accept your 110 bill offer, sorry was family stuff keeping me away from pc, im keeping this post open on screen so will be ready to do transfer/deal as soon as you reply etc

isk sending

isk received thank you now just waiting for in game mail with account to transfer to

isk received and transfer started, thank you good sir :slight_smile:

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