---SOLD--- 13.5MIL SP Pilot - PVP Focused

Here is my character - The Last Matriarch

Link shown here as per the bazaar rules:
[The Last Matriarch Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App ]((The Last Matriarches Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App)

The character The Last Matriarch is:

  • NPC Corp
  • located in Jita Trade Hub
  • 50,000,000 ISK positive
  • No kill rights
  • 2 neural remaps available
  • 15,000 unallocated skill points

8B buyout OBO

Once ISK received to The Last Matriarch via in game, transfer fee will be paid and transfer will commence immediately.

Good luck!

Please update the character`s information.

Are you asking me to update the character’s information via the skillboard? Because I keep trying and it is not updating. As you can see in the link, it show this character having 5mil SP and in a corp. This is inaccurate as the screen shot demonstrates: NPC, in Jita, 13.5mil SP, 50mil ISK. 2 Remaps available.

Character skillboard has updated. All information accurate and up to date.

4.5B offer

Looking for a bit more. 6B and it’s yours

I’ll take it. 6B. Talon Kharrde is the name of my alt that will do the transaction.

Done and done. Details as to whom I’m transferring the character to in in game mail. Once ISK received, I’ll start the transfer immediately.

Ok, I’ll send it off.

Sounds good logging in now.

hey mate… trying to pay the fee but Eve is saying “target user” not found or not active. Please confirm this account email which you sent in game.

Done and done. Fee paid. Waiting begins

Ok thank you

Oh no! Small error I’m speaking to CCP about. I forgot to transfer the ISK you sent to TLM to my main account. So either I can cancel the transfer and restart it, or you agree to send the 6BIL in game to my main once you receive it. Totally up to you. Let me know.

Ok, send it back and I’ll send it to your main real quick. Or restart it if that doesn’t work for you.

Nope I can’t as I can no longer log into the toon. So yeah, The Last Matriarch is being transferred to you with 6BIL in her wallet haha. So I can cancel the transfer or trust once you have the toon you’ll then transfer the ISK to me. So annoying. My bad. Thanks for understanding. Please let me know.

I’ll send the isk back to you when the transfer is done. I’ll be online and i’ll send it right away. You can send messages in-game to Talon Kharrde to get in touch with me.

Again thanks for the understating. I’ll send you an in game mail from the toon I want the ISK to. Much appreciated.

Right on, thanks.

In game mail send to Talon. You rock!