Sold 14m SP Trader, near Rorqual and L3 Missioner

(Iliana Virosh) #1

Selling char that is mostly Trader and started for Rorqual (6 days left to hull) with implants +4. Right now parked in Perimeter.

(T'Challa Panther) #2

10B offered

(Iliana Virosh) #3

Selled to you T’Challa Panther. Waiting for cash and account info

(T'Challa Panther) #4

thanks, i will transfer the isk to you later,

(T'Challa Panther) #5

isk transferred

(Iliana Virosh) #6

send me in name account name for transfer

(Iliana Virosh) #7

T’Challa Panther could you send me second time account information

(T'Challa Panther) #8

sent you already via mail

(Iliana Virosh) #9

Character Name: Iliana Virosh

Will be completed after: 9/30/2018 8:15:55 PM

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