SOLD - 172M SP mainly PVP skilled PW: 888

160bil isk requested for this toon, ONO.

Clean Corp history, no scamming or spying
Location Jita, positive wallet, positive killboard
2 Clones in Highsec, 2 Clones in Faction Nullsec
No active killrights, Security 5.0
Approx 40 active ship skins
60k LP various factions

Attributes set to Perception and Willpower, remap available

All subcaps, All carriers, some basic Indy, manufacturing
Jump Freighter skills

160Bil isk requested for this toon, ONO.


Decent offer, thank you.

Sale will be open until Wednesday evening




I can arrange character transfer tomorrow. Let me know.

130.5 bil

thanks for the offer. closing sale in two hours, midnight GMT

Offer accepted

Isk and account info sent through in game mail, thanks!

Transfer paid

confirmation received, thanks!

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