[SOLD] 18m Focused T2 Rorq Pilot / JF Pilot

(Isk Maken) #1


This character is for sale.

Positive Wallet
Full +5 Implant Set.

Can use T2 Core.
Capital Industrial Ships IV
Drone Spec’s IV.
Jump Cal IV

I have an ingame offer of 22.5b.
Isk is taking time to appear, so putting it on forums.

Buyout 25b.

I am currently online.

(Russkiy 3akat) #2

22.5b bid

(Isk Maken) #3

22.5b Accepted as agreed ingame.

Awaiting isk and account info.

(Russkiy 3akat) #4

isk and account information send

(Isk Maken) #5

Isk Recieved.

Character Transfer started to account: s*******5

(Russkiy 3akat) #6


(system) #7

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