SOLD-2008 Pilot here with no real skills to speak of

(Swift Payne) #1

Any interest in a clean start for a 2008 character?


SP: 759,685
Unallocated 46,920
Positive wallet
Neutral Security
Never left his starting Corp
3 bonus attribute remaps
No kill rights/losses

Not sure the value, but he’s on the chopping block so he’s got to go!

(Swift Payne) #2


(Swift Payne) #3

Daily bump, no reasonable offer refused!

(Ripped Soul) #4

What you looking to get for him? I could offer 2 bil

(Swift Payne) #5

Was hoping for between 3 and 5, saw a couple other older no skill characters going for around there. If nobody else goes any higher than 2b by morning I’d let him go for that though.

(Ripped Soul) #6

Sounds great, I am ready to transfer the isk, I’ll check in periodically throughout the day.

(Swift Payne) #7

He’s all yours just send name to transfer and isk

(Ripped Soul) #8

I’ll eve mail it to Swift. And transfer to swift

(Ripped Soul) #9

Evemail sent, isk sent

(Swift Payne) #10

Account name you sent has too many characters it says

(Ripped Soul) #11

it only has the five characters in brackets

(Swift Payne) #12

Target user has too many characters, is what it tells me when I use the account name you provided

(Ripped Soul) #13

Oh! Characters, I thought it was alphanumeric characters. okay, they haven’t yet processed my character deletion yet. I am freeing up a slot, they say it will take about eight hours.

(Swift Payne) #14

Ok no worries, just shout when you’re ready

(Ripped Soul) #15

@Swift_Payne - Alright! account ready to receive character. Thanks!

(Swift Payne) #16

Transfer initiated

Character Name: Swift Payne

Will be completed after: 10/4/2017 8:48:58 PM

(Ripped Soul) #17

Character received

(system) #18

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