[Sold] 2010 85m SP Subcap/Links Pilot, 2.4m unallocated

Great subcap pilot - ready to go for PvP and PvE - good scanning/explo with a dash of carebear and good trade skills.
Diversified 85,182,732 sp, 2.4m unallocated 13 year old character featuring:

  • Magic 14 @ 96.1% (Warp Drive Op IV)

  • Link Skills (Armor/Shield/Skirm Command Specialist V)

  • All Frigate 5

  • Assault Frigate 5

  • Cov Ops 5

  • Interceptors 5

  • All Destroyer 5

  • All Cruiser 5

  • All Battlecruiser 5

  • Recon 5

  • Logi 5

  • Command Ship 5

  • Amarr/Caldari/Gallente BS 5, Min BS 4

  • Legion/Loki/Tengu Subs 5

  • Caldari Industrial 5, Transport 4

  • Decent Scanning/Explo

  • Advanced Weapons Upgrades 5

  • Good Trade Skills (Accounting 5, Broker 5, Advanced Broker 5, Tycoon 4)

  • PI/Gas and a bit of Indy/Mining

  • Remap Available

  • 28 skins, 5 Capsuleer Elite XV incl. pod

Required Mechanics:

  • Positive isk balance
  • No kill rights
  • 5 jump clones in high sec - several +3s, one +4 and one with shield mindlink
  • Character in NPC corp, located in HS

If you are interested but there are skills here you don’t want to pay for let me know and we can work it out.

No offers below extraction value, I can do that myself. Thank you!

65 billion offer

hello one question regarding extraction value,
When you say that you can do that yourself, your character has 76,371,620 extractable SP which is equal to 152 large skill injectors, you will need 152 Skill Extractors which at current price of 448m it’s 68b in Skill injectors to be able to get the injectors. 68b is even more than the current bid you are being offered. Are you taking into account Skill Extractor price when ask for extraction value?

66B and we have a deal - lmk

Sure i can do it for 66 billion.

I will send you the isk to the bongoblongo character and will send mail with account name you will transfer to.

Just tell me if you agree before i send the isk.

Thank you.

Agreed. Cheers

ISK sent
Account name for the transfer sent.

Thank you

Isk received.

Transfer initiated.

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